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Words unspoken... The innocence of love speaks as you keep quiet. Send this card to your beloved/ spouse/ friend
Pure innocence
Silence of words... A warm note of proposal for your beloved/ sweetheart
Why do I? You cant help yourself from falling in love with your sweetheart over and over again. Say it with this ecard
For you
It`s only love It`s in the arms of your sweetheart that you find happiness... Say that to your beloved with this ecard
The only place
What next? A sweet message for your beloved/ sweetheart expressing your love for him/ her
It`s everywhere Love is in every nook and corner of life. You just need to find it. Send this ecard to your beloved/ sweetheart/ friend/ spouse and help them find love anywhere they look.
Go on and on... Tell your sweetheart that your love will last forever.
Love you in wilderness
Love you
Love you always
Tears say
The sound of love You can read love in the eyes of your beloved. Tell your beloved that you understand him/her even when he/ she is silent.
The feats of love Send this ecard and tell your soul mate he/she is the one for you
Mirrors never lie..Send this wonderful card to your beloved and make him/ her feel all the more special.
I see you
Shadow of love
Unmoved love
Find my love
Cross my heart
Love sweet-notes..Sweet nothings are the most important things in life and they mean a lot, send thi
Sweet Nothings
Love Draft ..Can ever love be expressed in words, send this ecard to try expressing your love to you
No words

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