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Love you always
Tears say
The sound of love You can read love in the eyes of your beloved. Tell your beloved that you understand him/her even when he/ she is silent.
The feats of love Send this ecard and tell your soul mate he/she is the one for you
Mirrors never lie..Send this wonderful card to your beloved and make him/ her feel all the more special.
I see you
Shadow of love
Unmoved love
Find my love
Cross my heart
Love sweet-notes..Sweet nothings are the most important things in life and they mean a lot, send thi
Sweet Nothings
Love Draft ..Can ever love be expressed in words, send this ecard to try expressing your love to you
No words
Love Angel ..Let the Love angel fly by your and your sweetheart�s life to make everything around loo
This is love
Love Birds ..Love birds are always together, send this ecard to your best half to make him/ her feel
Stick on
Care for you ..Send this ecard to your sweetheart to make him / her realize how much you care.
I care
I have found you !!Send this ecard to your loved one to tell her that she is the most special person
You are special
A Love Story..Send this ecard for a new beginning to a life full of love.
Full of love
You�ll find someone..When you find your that special someone send this ecard to him/ her and make it
Find love
Love life..A beautiful card to for a newly married couple celebrating their love amidst the wilderne
Happy love life
World of Love..A lovely card to express the perfect emotion of togetherness and bonding. Send this c
Love you
Dress up for your loveWish your friend/ sweetheart who looks sweeter and brighter than ever before a
In love
Love happens..Sweet memories of love celebrating the essence of happiness by being together.
Remember love
Love unmoved..Send this beautiful card to make your sweetheart believe that love can weather any sto
Help your love
Love proposal ..Its always a special moment to propose your loved one and get an affirmative answer.
Do you
Love drowns ..Love can be your strength and your weakness. Send this ecard to relive the glorious da
For love
Blossoming Love ..Love blossoms in all seasons. Feel your love with this ecard.
Love is starting
Love bytes .. Send this ecard to make your sweetheart go crazy on you.
Crazy Love
I do it for you ..Send this ecard as an excuse for your habits to your loved one.
Sorry love

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