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Christmas !

Almost the whole of the world celebrates Christmas commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.
The word 'Christmas' originated as a compound meaning "Christ's Mass". It is derived from the Middle English 'Christemasse' and Old English 'Cristes maesse'. "Cristes" is from Greek Christos and "maesse" is from Latin missa. In Greek, the letter ? is the first letter of Christ, and it has been used as an abbreviation for Christ since the mid-16th century. Hence, X-mas is often used as an abbreviation for Christmas.
The two different books of the Bible , Matthew and Luke narrates the story of birth of the son of God.
Jesus was born to Mary who was unbelievably a virgin mother,an angel told her she would bear a special baby. Joseph her husband did not believe that but an angel told him everything in his dream. Both Mary and Joseph travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem to register their names under the ruling Roman government. They did not find any proper place to stay so they took shelter in a stable. Jesus was born that night, and as they had no bed for Him, they used an animal feeding box filled with the dry grass the animals ate. Jesus started His life on earth in a place filled with dirt and filth. At that time shepherds were looked down upon. The birth of Jesus was a message to them that their saviour had come to save therm from evil and ill happenings. After Jesus was born,three wise men came to look for Him and brought valuable gifts, Gold - a gift for king, Frankincense - a resin which burns with a beautiful smell and used for the worship of God and Myrrh - a sign of mortal human-ness,used to bury the dead.
Christiand believe that whatever happened just symbolizes Jesus' coming as a humble, poor person and not as a strong, rich king. It is also believd that Jesus Christ is 'the man born to die'. He came to this earth for the well being of human being and their salvation. To save them from evil and sin and show the way of honesty and purity. Jesus came to this world for love and spread love.
In the West today, the real meaning of Christmas is often forgotten. It has become a non-religious holiday! More children believe in Father Christmas than in Jesus. Christmas Day is a time for eating and drinking too much and watching television.
father of Christmas is commonly known as Santa Claus. The word comes from the Dutch word 'Sinterklaas'. St.Nicholas explained him as Santa Claus. He was very shy, and wanted to give money to poor people without them knowing about it. It is said that one day, he climbed the roof of a house and dropped a purse of money down the chimney. It landed in the stocking which a girl had put to dry by the fire! This explained the belief that Father Christmas comes down the chimney and places gifts in children's stockings.
Preparation for Christmas celebrations begin one month before the actual day. People decorate their homes with beautiful christmas trees and poisettias. The decoration of Christmas tree is a fun to children and also to their families. people attend the carols and prayers, the traditional customs of Christmas that take places in the Churches and celebrate the day enjoying and having fun with beloved ones.

Merry Christmas Wishes, Text Message, SMS and Sayings

Christmas this year is the most lovely SMS received will never be fired, readers will get to stores who love sweet, delete one of luck, forwarding salary skyrocketed. I wish a happy Christmas!

Remember Christmas eve before bed socks, then I will ask Santa to send you 1 Roosters and 1 Hen ... Because the Rooster said: egg laying eggs! Hen says: fast fast! Haha ...

Christmas text messages received on the line and if busy, back row today you, happy; I remember the call I occasionally will do; after reading, laughs:) Merry Christmas!

On Christmas day the boundless, so chance of rich water winding road long, day too long without money; building an expert to busy tonight, can you go, Rob, a bank? Joint sign: Merry Christmas!

Christmas will come, give you a corner, don't look down, =10 Points: 1 Miss 1 Miss 1 Care 1 Attachment 1 Care 1 Love 1 Gentle 1 Thoughtful 1 Left in the care of a when pocket money!

Christmas is coming up, send you three chocolates: the first Dove — Hope you get all the happiness in the world; the second Jin emperor — Enjoy your Emperor's life in the golden age; the third block of Cadbury — JI years, I wish you the best of everything!

Each Christmas under the snow, each one lit, every second of the time flow, each missing transmission mean I wanted to send you every wish: happy Christmas, romantic Christmas Eve!

Christmas flowers in spring and autumn. Summer breeze, and snow in winter. If there is trouble, life is good season. To you: to gather in the morning, when you have too much sorrow. Dream, dream find. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming, don't forget the implementing the three represents: you always represent the development direction of Chinese beauty, always represent the orientation of China's female intelligence and temperament are always representative of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese men dream lover!

Christmas Christmas gift! Moving company to carry out " I know sister I am proud, I know I take pride in " activities, every day according to the original scream shout can receive a hundred calls! Also hesitant what? Act now!

Christmas Christmas Eve warm atmosphere: Halo, bells, lights and my blessing sends holiday message: purity, harmony, and peace. Merry Christmas step by step!

I am the softly falling snow on a Christmas tree for Christmas, send warm wishes for you; I am Christmas Eve melodious Bell, brought peace to you greetings, wishing you a happy Christmas in advance!

Christmas Bird flu didn't scare you, fowl plague failed to erase you work for family spirit, seeing you and resolutely walked into the maternity ward, I silently wish you: happy eggs!

Christmas to thank friends for my support delivery activities held at Christmas, where I have a status in the eyes of friends will get a DIME message in advance, Merry Christmas!

Finished Christmas think you think fast, the Midnight blue eyes, forget to buy things to the pork stew noodles are not greedy, 1+1=3 Think hard, don't you, Christmas is over.

Christmas in the snow is falling, Christmas candle lights, Christmas stocking will hang when Santa Claus is coming with Little Red Riding Hood, I sincerely send blessings to you: wish you a happy Christmas!

Christmas tonight if there is a star blinking, that is I wish you peace; there are thousands of stars in Flash, well be happy if a star is not, that is a blessing too many stars to shame! Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming to Earth's environment and resources, reflect our love of Chairman Mao, please buy less traditional note cards, you can fill in the printed Yuan as Chairman of the message sent to me, thank you!

Christmas friends thought last night, and is to be your most beautiful, public seeking your 1100, when you look back, you're deep in the henhouse! Wings, somehow inauthentic somehow inauthentic, started up the hen countless! Wishing you a happy egg!
Christmas busy life, sweet and sour, but simple, contact intermittently and caring at all times, I wish a long long time! My friend, the cooler weather, keep warm! I wish a happy Christmas!

Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will drill your chimney, you take bricks out of his head and touched him and then gift all your! Don't say goodbye to people! Generally I don't tell him!

Christmas in a few days you must eat egg fried rice, but can only eat not eat eggs, if you can reach the realm of separated eggs with rice, eggs left happy, if you can make fried rice with egg and then back to the full egg raw egg is happy!

Worry about Christmas I asked, it does not love you, and let me tell you not to be too sentimental, and health let me love letters to you, he loves you for a long time, and life does not change. I wish a happy Christmas!

Where are you now? Have something to tell you, you have to be calm to be prepared, a group of people are asked around you, said catches are not in trouble, he, a man named Mammon, a frustrated leader, called happiness.

Christmas has a message to remind you of emergency, you be careful! There are three people are asking where you live, to come to you, but I'll help you find out who they are, their happiness, wealth, and happiness.

Christmas color snowflake, winter white and Red Christmas, warm season, in this quiet moment, sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas!

On Christmas day I polished Aladdin's magic lamp, the genie said: I will grant you one wish. I said: Please bless people who are reading Merry Christmas!

Christmas may not have the luxury to the noise, may not have the romance of dance, I quietly blessing: Merry Christmas !

Christmas Snow fluttering, stag Bell, knock knock, sweet went on Christmas Eve. Small hand swing dance long, Merry Christmas more beautiful!

Each Christmas under the snow, each one lit, every second of the time flow, each missing delivery. Represents and I want to send each of you a blessed Merry Christmas!

Christmas memories fade, perhaps space will be isolated from each other. But is still worth treasuring close friendships. Would like to say to you: Merry Christmas!

Christmas stars quietly across just like my tears! Just wanted to say a few words: Merry Christmas! Christmas Eve Dance. Snow, flying all over the sky. Heart to heart, never led.

The Christmas rose is my passion, and candy is my taste, is in my eyes the stars, the Moon is my soul, be given you, Merry Christmas!

Purple Christmas snowflakes, winter white, red Christmas, warm season, in this quiet moment, I wish you a Merry Christmas in advance!

Christmas Snow White represents the purity of our friendship, the temperature of hot fireplace on behalf of our friendship, the depth of our friendship, ringing bells! Friends, Merry Christmas!

Nikko Christmas away from the fingers, bells falling snow. Christmas bells ringing sound, blessed thought silk floating away ... ... Love you all.

Christmas in this beautiful day, not the most beautiful words; no sentimental language; no fancy gifts; there are only friends deeply wish for Christmas!

Christmas these days there has been a question confused me: you obviously are not a hen, why would anyone want to wish you a " Raw eggs " Happy?

Christmas to Christmas, think of nothing for you, and not too much you, only to you 50 million:10 million to be happy! Must be healthy! Do be safe! Must be satisfied! Don't forget me!

Make a wonderful wish you a Merry Christmas, send a beautiful feeling to wish you everything Christmas is round, send a beautiful gift to wish you a sweet smile.

Gently falling snow on Christmas I wish to be a Christmas tree, sending warm wishes for you; I am willing to change to Christmas music echoed in the night bell, Christmas greetings to you!

Christmas tree lit up, numerous stars light up, write your name in the sky, when shooting, and sent my thoughts and wishes. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a happy Christmas! What makes a happy Christmas? Not the happiness of the Sun nor the birds chirp; that's good thoughts and happy smile was a warm and loving greeting.

Christmas tree, I was silently wishing, hoping on this quiet night, my thoughts with the mood of the blown by your side so that you and I together have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Christmas is love snow, love is a flower, into a snow drift to your home, jingle bells, Kako run, give my heart to you, Eve, Carnival night, you have my wonderful! In this snowy Christmas day, hope my wishes keeps the cold out of the window. We wish you a Merry Christmas ever!

Christmas if you have a big man came in through the roof on Christmas night into your bag, don't be scared, because that's what I pray for Father Christmas gift you gave me.

Christmas in this beautiful day, not the most beautiful words; no sentimental language; no gift of beauty; there are only friends deeply wish for Christmas!

Christmas can't tell you, the snow to my thoughts, can't let you know, you have warm winter sun of love, Christmas will bring you peace and a lucky year!

1, a person's Christmas night is cold! Two people's Christmas night will be derailed! Would you be willing to go with me tonight? Christmas Eve just wants to say to you: I love you ...Christmas gifts!

2, in order to thank the concern for many years to support the special big gift in the Christmas before! Where in my mind a certain status of people will be provided by the value of my money a Christmas message

3, if you did not receive my Christmas present today, it must be because - your socks have a big hole! Fast fill it! The

4, then hidden in the bottom of my heart is difficult to speak, lively streets are no longer deserted, the cold winter in the unconscious between the forgotten, the hearts of Christmas looking forward to the surprise. I want to say something to you: Christmas accompany me, remember to bring wallet!

5, test zero points called duck eggs, do bad things called bad guys, empty head called a fool, fried squid out of the egg, woo ya called eggs, eggs eat endless eggs - Merry Christmas!

6, snooze pull out to cattle, do not want my criminal detention, forget all of my beheaded, do not give me a phone call with Tibetan tame monkey, kindness I wish Merry Christmas in advance, there is earlier than me, sent to the earth

7, Christmas is coming, I am afraid my blessing is not the strength of the Hummer, Mercedes-Benz speed, BMW's tolerance, Audi's demeanor, Lincoln's generosity, not crowded on the highway, so blessing ahead of the road, Christmas happy The

8, Christmas emergency notice: because Santa Claus is busy during the endorsement and performance, it is decided to all gifts folded into cash, please receive a text message by the code to the nearest bank to receive, the verification code:

9, the most painful thing in Christmas, is not received a message of blessing; the most painful thing is to greet friends did not receive a reply; the most painful thing is to receive a reply but the system prompts the user does not exist. Merry Christmas!

10, Merry Christmas! Just want to say to you: a cold, a line of noise; an exhortation, a note by legend; an Acacia, wholeheartedly; a love, life fell in love, that I miss you.

11, but also to a year of Christmas, is it a bit looking forward to early preparation of socks, waiting for Santa Claus to; in order to gift Hill, feet bubble in addition to taste; to avoid Santa Claus, one to be smoked. Also, see what? Fast to feet!

12, if you are Christmas, I am New Year's Day, you are Santa Claus, I am a reindeer, you are Santa's mother, I am a Santa Claus, I wish you Christmas!

13, the sky falling snow, like my mood, thoughts continue to spread, from the far end of the other end of the efforts toward you, can not accompany, willing to do snow, you hit the people turned upside down.

14, Christmas Eve I wish to Santa Claus: I hope no matter how stupid your feet, tomorrow morning when wearing socks, I can give you a full blessing, warm your heart and feet.

15, Here are special greetings And the best of wishes, too - May Christmas to you!

qq2016 year of the board of the United States of America in the United States of America in the United States of America in the United States of America

16, last year Christmas, you put a diamond ring in my socks, so I gave you a year of smelly socks; God give me the opportunity I will say, but also for your washing socks! Life! Husband, I love you

17, there are words every year Christmas I want to say, but suffer no chance. Now I can not wait, please take your socks left on my couch away! The

18, God said: happiness is a grateful heart, a healthy body, the heart of the work, a love you, a group of trusted friends you will have it all! Merry Christmas!

19, deep blessing, the slightest friendship, string of thoughts, turned into a gift, stay in your heart, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

20, really fast, Christmas bells sounded again in the ear. Tonight I will be the same with you did not spend the same Christmas night, quietly, with a whole night to miss you!

21, Christmas will be Pro, I want to send you a different blessing: May your luck as the stars as dense, like the sea like the Pentium, life like a rainbow as gorgeous. May your future be filled with happiness!

22, deer bells knocked, small red cap children high, long beard children fluttering, Christmas noisy lively. Look at Santa Claus trick, the happiness caught sled, through the chimney, flashed through the cold wind whistling, vowing you happy Christmas today!

23, late from your house chimney drilled handsome guy do not panic, it is Santa Claus! He was doing in New York, he wanted to give you a surprise, I only told you do not rumor

24,Hello, I'm Santa Claus. Sorry to tell you, because in the past year, my mouth greedy, lazy, eat sleep, sleep to eat, so fortune, not into the chimney, you can only wish you a Merry Christmas!

25, the Christmas tree has been decorated, the snow outside the window is still non-stop; romantic dinner is ready, midnight bell is about to sound. Christmas is coming, I would like to gently pass my mind: I wish you a merry Christmas, gifts bought!

26, Christmas is coming, send you three pieces of chocolate: the first piece of Dove - hope you get all the happiness of the world; the second piece of the Golden Emperor - I wish you in the golden age of life of the emperor; third Cadbury - wish you Good lucky day! Happy birthday!

27, I holding a ray of snow, head two stars, eyes with three-color autumn wave, mouth Diao nine roses, pedal ten Ruixiangyun, lightning speed rushed to your front: Merry Christmas! Willing to join me Share Christmas?

28, Christmas to, the heart of laughter, light knot color really wonderful; deer run, gift to, bell jingle ringing sky; snow drift, dreamer good, soon greetings happiness around; flowers open, birds called, lucky mind Reported. Merry Christmas!

29, Christmas to, to mention "money" I wish you a Merry Christmas, may you worry about life is very rich, the success of the business will make money, Dayton dinner does not spend money, leisurely entertainment is not bad money. In short, is a good life all the way to the "money"!

30, you are happy, I am happy, everyone happy, happy Christmas. Oh! My Christmas present? Quick Find! Oh! you recieved it? I bring you is - happy!

31, my heart would like to use a figure, add it with 52.8, and then multiplied by 5, and then reduce the area 3.9343, and then divided by 0.5, and finally minus the number of mind that ten times the answer is very romantic Oh! I wish you a happy birthday!

32, there are always things can not forget, like to send you the blessing of Christmas! Always some people affect my emotions, like a lovely smile you! In this Christmas, send a thousand blessings, all are: Merry Christmas!

33, offer a happy heart, on this special day, willing to happiness, wishful, happy, flowers, all good wishes to you. Merry Christmas!

34, your peace is my wish, your heart is my happiness, and I give you a gift is my life blessing! Happy holiday.

35, in this Christmas is approaching, I wish you laugh like a flower like a brilliant, sad when I have a generous shoulder to let you rely on my faithful bless you!

36, fireworks do not have to say, must bloom the night sky; blessing and why should be commendable, must be sent on time. Christmas bells sounded the moment, good luck, auspicious, happy, warm, romantic, all to you, pay attention to sign

37, if Santa Claus wants me to only want a gift, then I will say to him: "A man who is looking at this message is my gift, born with me!"

38, cute you stole my love, stole my heart. I decided to sue the court, what is the crime After the judge crossed all the records and cases, the jury unanimously passed: sentenced you to my life! And wish me a happy Christmas!

39, if Santa Claus gave me a chance, I will say to you: Merry Christmas! Be sure to add a deadline to happiness, I hope to be: ten thousand years

40, love is snow, love is flowers, into a snow floating your home, bells ring, deer run, take my heart to you, Christmas Eve, carnival night you have me wondering!

41, there is a saying every year Christmas I want to say, but suffer no chance, and now I really can not hold it - please leave me in my bed smelly socks away.

42, if Santa Claus wants me to only want a gift, I will say to him: "a person who is looking at this message to do my gift, the world to accompany me!

43, have not you received a gift yet? Then go to sleep! Your burp sound scared Santa Claus.

44, in this year's Christmas, please God give me courage and strength, I must tell you that 3 words: fast - still - money!

45, a little faint friendship very deep, a little taste is very pure, a little faint blessing the most sincere, wish Merry Christmas!

qq2016 year of the board of the United States of America in the United States of America in the United States of America in the United States of America.

46, Christmas Eve bells echoed in the path, I send you a sincere Christmas tree, above the flash of our friendship review, covered with my blessing, I wish you will always take care of you, you are safe and happy life The

47, in this wonderful moment, may your heart like a park, blooming out of tender and beautiful flowers; May your mouth like a hot spring, flowing out of a happy song; May your eyes like images, depicting the brilliant colors. Merry Christmas!

48, Christmas night think of you, send a text message to greet you, cannot remember I do not matter, as long as you happy and liking, that is my heartfelt and comfortable.

49, a small pine tree, a gift covered with branches. Lit red candle, illuminate happiness road. Santa Claus comes and sends Christmas socks. Filled with a mascot, happy big delivery. May you be happy with Christmas, happy and healthy every day!

50, offer my infinite blessing of the meaning of blessing you no matter when and where, no matter where, I am willing to let you know, I am deeply blessed for you, Merry Christmas!

51, even if the winter, feel warm. Candlelight swaying, bright luster. The fire is raging. Under the Christmas tree, the gift is like a mountain. The bell is ringing and auspicious romance. Blessed sound, happiness forever!

52, Christmas notice: because Santa Claus is busy during the endorsement and performance, it is decided that all gifts folded into cash, please receive a text message by the code to the banks to receive, your verification code: I have eggs, I am happy!

53, hope that in the course of the future, all the friends can be healthy, all the best, All dreams can come true, all hope can be achieved, all wishes can be honored. May you be happy and happy.

54, Santa Claus, he is not afraid of the cold street, not afraid of Hill Road is also far away, not too chimney than he was small, not afraid of others laughing, Christmas, let him ask you for me, I wish to tell you: I wish you a happy holiday!

55, Christmas sunshine for you and bright, Christmas snowflakes because of your romantic, Christmas tree covered with my thoughts, Christmas fireworks shine your smile, Christmas bells to send good wishes, Christmas text messages wish you happy peace! Merry Christmas!

56, I promise a Christmas wish, may you happy as the universe is vast and boundless, may your life like Christmas clothes like booming, like your body like a small deer like a vibrant. Can you help me with these wishes? Merry Christmas!

57, Christmas snow dance with a romantic atmosphere, passing the warmth of the festival; Christmas tree hanging beautiful greetings, the spread of a happy mood; Christmas with a warmth of text messages, send a sincere blessing; Christmas to wish you happy Accompanied by auspicious wishful!

58, I want the sun to warm you, decorate you with the stars, with wine intoxicated with you, with money smashing you, with fireworks bright you, with the flood of you, but I do not do God for a long time, can only use SMS to bless you : Merry Christmas!

59, Christmas day, three pairs of socks to you. A pair of gifts, gifts a lot of piles of mountains; a pair of happy, healthy and happy to forever; a pair of trouble, worry about all throwaway. Give the gift, do not worry.

60, will miss into the blessing, the card into a message, in this romantic day, wish my dear friend, Merry Christmas! White snow, green tree, loving old man, driving deer, and all blessing.

61, snowflakes have not drift, the fireworks have not yet bright, Santa Claus has not woken up, deer driving has not yet started, socks have not hung up the window, everyone's blessing has not filled the sky. And I set out in advance, I wish you a merry Christmas, romantic boundless.

62, received a reception, a happy mood; read a reading, happy honey sweet; save a deposit, good luck again and again; turn a turn, a source of wealth; a message He peace, Merry Christmas in front. I wish you a Merry Christmas and good health.

63, Santa Claus asked me to tell: that you are not kind, last year the chimney does not brush, put him dirty like black charcoal; socks do not wash, he almost smoked! Christmas this year he does not come, I send text messages to comfort, hope you do not cry to laugh!

64, Christmas grandfather squinting laugh, laughing eyelids have been jumping; fat body Little Red Riding Hood, carry a pocket everywhere to run; see the chimney jump, smelly socks stuffing money; dedicated to your home run, To bring to. Merry Christmas!