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Birthday Grand Dad !

Birthday is the real essence of life again and again once in every year. It’s the day when a person gets one year elder than earlier year, and it feels very happy to think about, And when it comes to Grand father, to celebrate his birthday is the most interesting event. Grand father is the heart of family, the deep rooted family bond maker. The father figure, he is the person, who should be taken the utmost care and to be given love from all. He is the real hero for the grand children, and thus need to be taken special care. He is the center of the family. He is the life, the fun time partner every grand child’s world of excellent new ideas, friend in fantasy, warm hug, and endless love. When life’s light is dimmed with the load of experience and when he starts believing that his responsibilities have been performed well, now it’s his turn to prepare himself for the conclusion, fill his world with immense joy and let him believe it’s just the beginning. That though he had lived all his life, it is not over yet and he has to renew his wish to live coz’ now it’s his turn to live the life of his beloved grand child and inhale in and out the essence of life their way. Give him so much happiness that it takes him another lifetime to think that he is over with his responsibilities with life. Old age is the tenderest of time were a grand dad needs the special care to think of life as a bright morning. Give him that on his Birthday, and let him know that you care. Hold on to him so that he wishes to hold on to life. Thus wish him birthday with the lively- e-cards that are ready to make his day more enjoyable. Celebrate his birthday; make him think younger, lively, happy and proud.