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Q. May I submit my own writings and images for the site's use?

Ans. Your suggestions are most welcome, but we do not accept any unsolicited artwork, writing or photographs for the website's use. allows you to put your creativity into words. The Personalize Page of the ecard Creation process lets you have a free hand expressing your thoughts.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of ecards I can send?

Ans. No, there is no limit to the number of ecards you can send. Whether it is a single Birthday card for your spouse, a string of congratulatory messages for your bowling club or festive greetings for your entire community - all ecards are FREE and you can send as many as you want.

Q. Will my e-mail address be used for any purpose?

Ans. No it will not be used for any unsolicited purpose.When you avail of the services of, the information you provide is used to send you our fun & free newsletter, as well as to inform you about offers and promotions. This information resides with and is not disclosed to third parties. Your information will not be shared or sold to sponsors without your consent.

Q. How do I know that the ecard has been sent?

Ans. You will receive an e-mail from confirming the delivery of your ecard. If you have selected the 'notify' option on the 'preview and send' page, then you will receive another e-mail when the recipient views your ecard. The e-mails will contain the links to view the ecard.

Q. Can you resend a card to the correct mail address?

Ans. No we can’t resend an ecard to the correct mail address.

We are sorry to inform you that no change can be implemented once a greeting card is scheduled for delivery.
To send an ecard to the correct mail address you can do one of the following:
• Recreate a fresh card with the correct details.
• Send the card # to the recipient who can use it to view the card on our site.

Q. Can I use my own background & music?

Ans. We regret to inform you that this option is not available.

Q. Why can't I hear the music attached to my ecard?

Ans. The possible reasons are:

• Your volume setting may be on mute; please turn up the volume.
• Your computer might not have sound card hardware installed.
• Your computer might not have MIDI Plugins like Quick Time MIDI Plugins, Flash Player and mp3 supporting software like Real Player, Windows Media Player etc installed.

Q. Why is my ecard rejected as 'Incorrect Card Number'?

Ans. Every ecard that has been successfully created generates a unique number to identify it in our system. This number is in the notification e-mail we sent you.
The possible reasons are:
• You have entered an incorrect card number. It is advisable to use 'Copy and Paste' to copy the card number from the notification e-mail and enter the card number in the view box.
• The selected card has expired, i.e. has been deleted from our system. The cards are stored in our system for a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the card. After this period, the cards are automatically deleted from our system.

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