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Humor is a state of mind habitual or temporary. A person's quality of creative imagination or verbal skill or incongruity which has the ability to evoke laughter. Humor provides amusement and provokes laughter. People who are capable of evoking laughter using their skills are called to have a great sense of humor. A person having a good sense of humor can make simple things very funny and arouse laughter from it. Humorous person always finds every aspects of life funfilled and comical. It is a persons quality of being funny.

Humor, Funny, Text Messages and SMS:

1, there are times our bedroom table legs short a length, so with a turtle pad for a semester, and finally it was still alive, there are two guys called me beasts.

2, worry ah! But also a difficult problem. Worry about my days do not think of tea do not want to. I said, you'll help me. Look at what this means: "Pig is good to go over."

3, lit a fire, is burning for you miss and hope. Your shadow is my happy nostalgia. Without your minutes and seconds, my heart is haggard. Do not misunderstand, just want to smoke.

4, a person is too stingy, others call him iron cock, but the reality of the iron cock will leave some rust it; for you, you are simply a stainless steel rooster Well, no rust!

5, emergency reminder: recently fear of tornado weather, be sure to go out to carry two 10 kg heavy dumbbell, so as not to be winds on the West. Weight lighter than 50 kg to be doubled.

6, you have not received a text message last year, so you remember? If you receive this information, prove that your phone has been infected with the virus, please immediately threw the phone into the water for a day.

7, I wonder if your phone has MMS function? I made a photo for you to do the experiment. If you receive, confirm the MMS function and is my photo, please give me reply: I have, is your!

8, so I have money: the fan to buy two, one of my own fan, one you give me fan; two messages, one breath you, a coax you. Now no money, first send a text message you!

9, the thief came to the store the second time when the police were caught by the police. The police asked, "Do not you know if you want to be caught?" The thief said, "I know the words 'welcome again'.

10, the mental hospital raining day, and many patients in the rain bath, only you alone in the windowsill to see, the president asked curiously: What are you doing? You answer: I wait for the water to go hot!

11, you always said I did not bastard, a stick can not play two words, can not sleep to complain that the moon is too shining, it is so that you are not satisfied, but I have fun, come and quickly put the ring wear - 48K pure iron of……

12, tea, to drink fragrant; Road, to go straight; food, eat delicious; friends, to pay sincere; claws, to eat fragrant. what! Take the phone on this is not bad. Haha!

14, from the little God to love you, let you in a simple years, live a simple life, taste simple and happy, enjoy a simple happiness ... ... Who called God like a simple mind child!

15, you are sentimental crow, you are jumping frog, you are out of the mud and not dye the sweet potatoes, you are my heart of the red prawns. Watch my cute fool, now okay?

16, I think the most romantic thing is in the early morning to say to you: you are very beautiful! outstanding! Great! I think this will make you happy every day. But I can not always do it, because it is not good to lie often.

17, haha! You finally appeared, you can know that I find you a lot of days, and now you finally automatically appeared, I will never miss this rare opportunity, I must step on you, you dead cockroach!

18, the doctor: "To clear your body excess fat, the only way is more exercise." Patient: "Do not joke! My wife every day to say non-stop, but her chin has been two layers!"

19, for you to do the poem - the sky floating in the rain like a laugh at my crazy why you are so selfish cruel let me empty Acacia brain strokes written poems full of sadness who know how to see this fool!

20, if the sky from no starlight, I will hold your hand in the dark; if the end of the world on this advent, even desperate, I have to let you snuggle around me - you really good, flashlight!

21, I wish you beautiful flowers, mood music flow, every day to send flowers, always spend money, life everywhere flowers, in the sea you are a wonderful flower, and finally I want to say, you really ...

22, the legend that you look a talent, whole body up and down all brand names, like Pan live in the contemporary, learn rich five cars over the North high, I admire you to worship, meet only know that you are ... ... Orangutan a Wizards!

23, tea, to drink thick until the fragrance in particular; Road, to go hard to hard to come; people, to deep feelings until the next life can love; trotters, to fresh! Hey! Take the phone on this is not bad.

24, earthworms and centipedes dating found by public earthworms, public earthworms sadly: why? Are not you good enough for you? Mother earthworms inverted lips ridicule: so what ah, get along for so long, do not hold me!

25, in the steady flow of people into the sea, just in the corner of the corner we meet, looking at your longing for the eyes, I can only reluctantly say: sorry, I really have no money to play you ...

27, love you obsessed, like you want to have a fever, see you face red heartbeat, could not stop dreaming, please do not run away, I want to hug you! what! Banknotes, a joke do not care about!

28, girls knot new love, boys and girls quarrel: girl: you know what ah, people are returnees, just returned from the United States. Boy: what is great, I also returnees, came back from Shanghai yesterday!

29, Dumb son was born that day, the nurses from the delivery room to hold out his son. The beginning of the father of the Dumba called an excitement ah, quickly took his son, his mouth habitually said: to, uncle hold about ... ...

30, a: long time no contact with the students have been to me to sell an encyclopedia, annoying! I will directly say to him "less this set"! B: What is his reaction? A: The results he introduced me another set!

32, there are two words have been wanted to say to you, today finally brought courage: the first sentence, I love you, I like you; the second sentence, do not take the first sentence really Oh! Haha, remember happy!

33, I send you a text message is an urgent, can not wait, fire eyebrows, imminent, thousands of urgent, very, very important things to ask you to understand: why so long not contact me!

34, I heard that your family moved the mouse, flies smoked to the hospital, and just met your house cockroaches in the supermarket to buy fresh agent, bugs buy incense it! Buddy, wash your feet! Summer come, I wish you every day happy!

35, where is the moon born? - the sea, because the sea rose moon; who gave birth to the moon? - blue sky, because the moon when there is, the wine asked blue sky; blue sky husband who is it? - blue sea, because the blue sea night night heart!

36, the saying goes, people can not appearance, the sea can not fight the amount of some people although the ugly appearance, but has a beautiful mind, although the stature, but ideal lofty. We all praise that you are such a person!

37, childhood game is life, grow up after life is the game; childhood toys are friends, grow up after a friend is a toy; childhood entertainment themselves, grow up after the entertainment to see the text of the people - you are the whole, punished: Happy life!

38, when a small time to see the donkey on the roadside, when its little brother is just in the longest state, so take a fine sand Yang in the above, many are stuck in the above, and its little brother back It was anxious.

39, you have always wanted to go back to the ancient when the emperor, and finally have a high magic spell to help you through the back, you are happy that ah, you take a mirror, mother ah, high magic is too powerful, back to the apes The times!

40, a joke: Congratulations you have been frog University, toad system, do not face class admission, please bring a psychiatric certificate, take the 250 bus to the fool Road, lack of eye to get off! Please stand at the school entrance when ghosting!

41, I believe the fate of the people, maybe all this is the arrangement of God, arranged for us to meet each summer, I just want to say: God! What did my last life make? To be dead with your dead mosquito!

42, in my eyes, you always look carefree, eat is always relish, sleep is always sound and sleep ... ... I really envy you! Alas, sometimes think about it, like you do just puppy!

43, the autumn wind hovering in the sky of September 9 hovering, you shake your head in the September 9 cool look at the sky. Drizzle down. I stood behind you and snickered. Also see what? Take your blessing to me. Fool

44, not everyone's feet are fast enough to get hurdles champion, but Liu Xiang did; not everyone can learn Lee feet, but Bruce Lee did; not everyone's feet are smelly smoked, but you done!

45, Mid-Autumn Festival to, want moon cake? Well, now please follow me to do, you will receive moon cake. First of all, the handle of the mop on the door, and then across the past, this is what I sent you "handle" it!

46, if you ears itch, it means that I miss you. If you eyes itch, it means that I want to see you. If you mouth itch, it means that I want to kiss you. If you all body itch, you do not blindly think, the bath!

47, earthworm years of hard work finally opened a noodle shop, operating noodles instant noodles silk surface. That day, the shop is full, and can worry about earthworms. People ask: ye do not give customers cook ah? Earthworm cry: whining, they have to eat hand Ganmian.

48, you are too much! Do not understand the problem you can ask you, can be dangerous to rely on you self-defense, usually you can also put your home to do decoration ... ... you really is a versatile super fat encyclopedia ah!

49, long night sleep inadvertently, I thought that only I could not sleep, the original girl you can not sleep ah! May wish to go out and walk. Relax breathing, to the foggy away to the line of attention ceremony, the yellow heart to the water, the toilet see!

50, spring I think you want flowers are open, summer I think you want the sun is warm, fall I think you want the fruit are cooked, winter I think you want snowflakes are floating, after the message issued , I think: buddy, the money also the bar!

51, you a while ago to borrow money from me, I am very readily lent you, you said a few days to pay back the money, you can now have a few How you do not pay back the money, you do not pay back the money, I ... I made the wrong object, sorry!

52, your childhood idea is very simple, is "eat sleep and eat"; grow up, your idea is still very simple, is "sleep to eat sleep." Bless you Journey, eat incense, sleep, dream sweet, belly round!

53, spring, there are flowers embellishment will be fragrant; summer, there are sunshine will be warm; autumn, fruit harvest is no longer depressed; winter, I give you more grass you will not be cold. Haha! I wish you happiness!

54, Note: This is a new high-tech text messages, embedded in a photo, photos in the face of the face of garlic nose, bowl buck teeth teeth, but unprecedented tyrannosaurus phase, watch the way: the phone off, set the screen in the double Head is in front.

55, I saw the tiger in the zoo fire ring, I saw the elephant in the tug of war, but did not see the orangutan figure, asked the staff to know that the original orangutans are learning ... see SMS. Well, you're so upbeat!

56, learn language is to send text messages; learn mathematics is to count the money; learn English is to dress Western style; learn physics is to make the atomic bomb; learn art is not to see two brothers photos can also be painted like you!

57, know what I was thinking? miss you! Know why i miss you? love you! Know why i love you? Have a taste! Know what taste do you have? And the fleshy stew with the smell of yo, fool!

58, want to see the beautiful sunrise will leave the warm blanket, want to pop up the sounds of music will often practice hard, want to get the greatest happiness will experience the greatest pain, such as spending huge sums of money to send you this SMS!

59, and you pass by, there is a feeling that my heart rate, as if something you have been hooked, you are about to leave the moment, I react, so I shouted: thief, Do not run!

60, in the crowded bus, you close to me, I have a special feeling, you a cold expression, let me faint pain. You indifferent so that I can not confession, but I can not extricate themselves ... you step on my feet!

61, You want to send you candy, you increase blood sugar; want to send you the yuan, I am not well-off; can only send you a text message, you can not send your clothes, Unfortunately, you can not understand the culture is not high!

62, a child to listen to the TV said the cat has nine lives, so with a rope nested neighbor's cat's neck, hanging in the air hanging more than 10 minutes, put down after the cat actually did not die, but the body's hair are standing , So I believe that there are nine life!

63, if there is a person can only be a lifetime of a good person, I am willing to that person is you. I have no regrets, to die, willing to accompany you overtime! But unfortunately ... ... then forget it! I go home to sleep, you keep going to work overtime!

64, these years have gone through some things, suffered some setbacks, slowly know or you the best, whether I am poor or rich, you never abandoned me, silently waiting for me with me, I like you ... Dog!

65, distinguished users: Hello! Because of the appearance of your phone ugly, obsolete style, has seriously affected the city appearance, and hindered the development of mobile communications business, this station decided to launch the signal after 10 minutes to destroy the phone!

66, regardless of ups and downs, you always waiting in front of me, see me gently smile, always bless me, praise me, never care about my rude rude. Finally, I was touched by you and put some money in your broken bowl.

67, someone riding, suddenly heard all the way people roar: go, go, go! Thought, I will sing: "Oh come Oh Come Oh ... ...", the voice of a fall into the ditch. Passers-by said: tell you ditch ditch you still ride? Fell into it!

68, looking at you day by day thin body, I can not afford to eat no sleep, I beg you, do not go down, if you continue to slim down, then people will think I ... I give you Clenbuterie!

69, you are not the wind, I am not sand, and then lingering to the End of the World; you are not cigarettes, I am not a match, and then friction can not sparks; you are not the time, I am not the years, and then wasted to heaven.

70, you ask me why I only ask you where you come from, but never ask your age? In fact, not I do not want to know, but because to see you, I think of an old saying, that is: heroes do not ask the source, rogue do not ask the age!

71, rice and the barrel of the dialogue. Rice: why do you want to hold me, talk about so many years of love, you know how hurt my heart? Cask: I also want to ah! But that we really become an eater, and had to endure!

72, summer weekend, hot summer heat, sun like fire, I miss you I think you are so hot, a hot and especially want to meet with you, a meeting I can not wait to rush into your arms ... my dear swimming pool!

73, although you have high academic qualifications, strong work ability, rich income, good interpersonal relationships, motivated, willing to help others, but you are a bit not to pick up things, so friends say you are a bit - "less clean up"!

74, small nanny voice is particularly large, the owner told, tonight are the identity of the people, to speak quietly. After dinner, the owner of the guests to play cards, small nurse to clean up early to rest, so close to the man 's ear whispered:

75, the first time you see you think you long gods, little heaven, the ground is unparalleled, I am scared of Heaven, others do not believe, and later believe - one day is onlookers, the sky came a voice : "Canopy, rice is also done, come back to the West!"

76, a child you are beautiful, wearing pants flowing saliva, a small partner are suffering from your black wind legs, grow up after you are beautiful, black eyes with a drowsy, my colleagues have heard of your snare, winding SMS to send praise, working hours do not sleepy, hard work to appreciate your beauty!

77, one day a mantis against an ant to show off: You see how I have two knives handsome. The ants are about to speak, then come over a chicken to eat a mantis, ants see, shook his head and said: do not know now is to fight it? Dare to take a knife in the street run around.

78, you are two ears long ears good, 2 eyes put luster, 2 nostrils will breathe, 2 lens eyes to wear. 2 big hands have the ability, two feet to walk fast, 2 side big blush and red, 2 beating a beard provoke you 2 you wish you, I wish you 2 to eat, 2 rest, 2 day is very wishful.

79, Royal Royal brother to make your identity unlimited, your bodyguard in the industry is also quite good, say that the era of raising a pet is not a lot, but why do you always "poor" monk, "poor" Monk's call to himself? Your behavior had to let me call you "loaded poor brother".

80, have to say you are long 2, and 2 is very happy, you have two smart hands, you have two bright eyes, you have two sensitive ears, you have two running feet, also There are often sent you 2 message condolences to me, health is blessing, friendship is blessing, 2 blessing in the next, you said you are not the most happy people?