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When affection or liking for something or someone riches a higher level that time its called love,an emotion that experiences strong attachment. Love means tender caring for one another. Its the most beautiful bonding between two persons. Interpersonal love can be parental love,romatic love,platonic love etc. The love of parents towards their childraen is the strongets bonding in the world. Parents rear their children with love and care more than anything. When a boy and a girl falls into mutual attraction or mutual liking takes place between them that too very much strongly,they are said to be in love. Love causes different things like loss of appetite and sleep,increased heart rates and other physical effects. When in love people want to stay with their beloveds for all the time. It is said that love binds blindly and during love an individual overlooks all sorts of faults in their darling. Love causes an attraction for each other which always rouses a desire to get close to that person. It is not bounded by any boundaries of caste and creed. One can fall in love with anybody. Love can also be impersonal which means one's love for his/her motherland. Not only motherland but love for any object is impersonal love.