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Birthday Brother !

Brother is like a special gift rather a special possession in your life, a life long friend with whom you can share thoughts and always being guided with love and care. Brother is the God’s gift. There are friends whom you make with effort after you come in this world, and brother is the friend inside the family whom you get only when you are that lucky.  He is the one who will be in your side and will protect you always from any danger and faults. Again he is the one who would fight with you and make your life happening with his pranks and teasers. He is the one who would get back to you with chocolates and teddy warm hugs to compensate the tears of mischief he has gifted you. He is the one who would deliberately lose in a game to see you smile. He is the one who would shout at you and again take you for long drives and would make you feel like a rich princess with all his love. A brother means the memories of childhood that occupies the most prominent place in your heart. Make his birthday more honorable and memorable with gifts and present, a lovely wish from your side through e-cards. He is the one whom you love the most, show your love through magnificent birthday wish e-cards and make him feel proud and complete in your life.