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A social event at which the ceremony of marriage takes place. Two people unite for a lifetime bond through this ceremony. It is a social,religious,spiritual union of two individual and a close connection of their families. Marrying a person involves the choice of an individual,he/she may select his/her life partner on own. Sometimes the selection process may go through a courtship or the wedding may be arranged by the couple's parents or family or by a third party like a matchmaker. The wedding rituals call for exchanging wedding vows,good wishes and presentation of gifts to the couples. Weddings are generally celebrated in grand manner with musics and parties following different customs of different religions. It is believed that marriages are made in heaven and we just need to find out our perfect match.

Wedding Congratulations, Text Messages, SMS and Quotes:

1, today is your happy day, I on behalf of my family to congratulate you, I wish you both happy and happy forever!

2, the highest realm of love is relatively indifferent, blessing a pair of new people really love, meet the permanent congratulations to the wedding of the Jubilee!

3, cherish this love, such as cherish the treasure, gently into the emotional temple, to feel every moment of wonderful time.

4, ten years of repair with the boat crossing, a hundred years to repair a total sleep pillow. In the vast sea of people to find her, is clearly a thousand years ago, I wish you both happy and happy together.

5, the combination of sincere love is the most pure combination of all, bless you.

7, willing to love in your sweet life, so that every day later, like today, so brilliant joy!

8, the lights under a pair of happy couple bridal chamber two love flowers Golden House song blossom cottage flower candle hi riding dragon

9, blind date love happiness forever, Tongde happy long happiness. May you be better than the sea!

10, I wish you love forever, work together to spend beautiful life!

11, congratulations you entered the hall of love. I wish a good time!

13, may the world lovers get married, predecessors doomed, happy knot. Happy wedding!

14, may you both love to string together with each other, mutual understanding and care, to share the future of the bitter and happy. I wish a hundred years good together forever!

16, congratulations to you to find a lifetime of soul mate, marriage is a great event, I believe you will be made the most sensible decision, with the crystallization of love gave birth to a lovely baby, do not forget to ask me to eat rice Oh!

17, hard work for the rest of my life, contributed a few decades, in this spring warm flowers of the day, congratulations on your remarriage of joy, is the so-called "sunset infinite good, Hemerocallis come late"!

18, beautiful bride like roses wine, the groom is the glass. The beautiful bride is like a glass of rose wine and the groom is the red wine glass on the two of these slowly goods that fusion of the taste of congratulations to you! ine and the cup from the inseparable! Bless you! Wine and the cup of love and love !!
19, tonight evening, the air is full of intoxicating sweet. I wish my dearest friend, from the future, love the river forever!

21, wish you dear good for a hundred years! Happy wedding, sweet sweet honey!

26, in this spring warm flowers, you both live together, is the so-called born a pair, to a pair of students! Wish you both loving love, grow old!

29, Happy wedding, Wish you forever knot, a hundred years together! Happy wedding, sweet honey! Husband and wife love love forever!

31, care of the wind to take the heartfelt blessing, so that clouds offer sincere feelings;

34, he is the word, you are spectrum, you two is a harmonious song. Days for the together, Happy Wedding

36, let the two of you live together, like the precious oil poured on the head of Aaron, flow to the body; also like the black door of the mannose in the mountains; love each other, mutual understanding, mutual understanding, understanding, and work together Go ahead and build a happy Christian home!

37, may your homeland be as good as a garden of Eden, as in heaven!

38, may the LORD bless you from the Most Holy Place, that you may see the good of the holy city of Jerusalem for the rest of your life!

39, may you listen to the Bible in your life, honor the older generation, and love the neighbor; so that you may be blessed and blessed in the future!

40 Let your descendants be godly and blessed! May your teachings of the descendants be according to the teachings and warnings of the Lord; and you shall do so, and do the will of the Lord!

41, may your family, become a great power of the revival of the church; also become a major contribution to society, the country!

42, that whosoever you go, wherever you are, and wherever you are done, you will be able to do anything; there is a new pattern in every move; not from the counsel of the wicked, not the way of the sinner, nor the seat of the scourge, The law of the Lord, and the fruit of the tree that is planted beside the stream, and the fruit of the fruit is not dried;

43, filled in the joy of heaven, dressed in shining moonlight, sigh: only envy mandarin ducks do not envy cents.

44, today, I am with joy, gratitude of the soul, on behalf of the church to extend my heartfelt wishes: the Lord of the co-eternal love, love and love with love; may God bless your love higher than the high and longer, you The love is deeper and deeper than the deep sea!

45, marriage is God set up, happy marriage is God's grace; willing our God will all the blessings of heaven, the land of possession of blessing, are given to you and your family!

46, in this happy blessing moment, may God guide your marriage, such as the river flow to the sea, become one, no longer two, and Pentium endless, endless!

47. May your love be more beautiful than the United States; it is more sweet than the anointing; it is more sweet than the honey under the hive; and more precious than the precious treasures!

48, may you sincerely love the fire, such as the rising sun, the longer the more prosperous; so that the public can not go out, the flood can not be submerged!

49, with the bright red marriage certificate to your love life, as the fruit of the fig tree gradually mature; and if the vines flowers and fragrant, as Christ's fragrant witness, and the heavens together every day and night to tell God Act as with glory!

50, let your life, like "Psalms" as beautiful, like "Proverbs" like wisdom, like "evangelism" like piety, like "song" like harmony!

51, the wedding was overjoyed!

52, congratulations to you into the hall of love. I wish a good time!

53, blind date loving partner, concentric marriage. Flower candle greetings than winged birds, bridal chamber hi open and head plum.

54, out of love hand, arrived blessing, so happy blooming bright flowers, to meet your future days ... wish a happy wedding.

55, for your blessing, laugh for you, because in today, my heart is the same with your joy, happy! I wish you, a hundred years together!