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About Friendship!

Friendship is a hearty bonding between two people one who can trust and one who van understand. Friendship is trust that someone will not harm us. Its a relationship which involves love,care and affection. Friends love each other's company. Friendship is considered to be  closest among all the personal relations. Generally friends share common interests and the one who shares the closest bonding is called best friend,sometimes this best friend becomes soulmate. Not only companions but sometimes parents also become good friends. People sometimes share love and affection with such people,whom they have not met,via postal system. Friendship also takes place over internet and are called net friends. Friends are the aroma of life,the sole motivator who never let's one down and friendship is the stimulator of life. Friendship is the music of life and when one goes out of tune friends provide the melody and the music continues. A true friend always holds one's hand at the time of need but a true friend holds the more tight when one wants to be alone. A true friend always assures to be by the side how much bad times it be.