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Wonderful moments are coming, and your heart is like a paradise, and the flowers are blooming and beautiful, and your mouth is like a hot spring, and you will shed a happy song. May your eyes be painted and show your splendid colors. Merry Christmas!

Christmas approaching, Santa Claus's good news: because he old people think you are kind, work never chaos barking, only know that after completion - Mimi area a laugh. So he decided that you would become a member of the "Christmas happy association

Christmas this year, Santa Claus is particularly caring for me, sent a gift of the world's most precious to me, I will always cherish her, with my life to protect her, this gift is you, my baby,

Send you a Christmas tree in advance, covered with peace, wishful, happy, healthy, lucky, wealth, save it, you will be a happy life, send it forward, the people will be happy forever.

Christmas is coming, you want to use the Christmas tree to light you, want to be full of Christmas socks, want to hand over the Christmas hat, want to feed you food, want to add new ideas to the fireworks, like care elk festive, think of some waste, Or winding information: Merry Christmas!

The sled flew through the happy stay, the deer sowed auspicious species. Santa does not speak and laughs. Happy birthday to you! The blessing of Santa Claus!

Born, the teeth of the sentence, the situation of the campus, the work of spring breeze. Children are your hard October, the god of love I [holy] [birth] Health, [Christmas] section coming, would you like a happy holiday, thank you!

Christmas is coming, send you a Christmas tree: a healthy body is the root of the tree, happy family is the trunk, the cause of the heart is the branches, happy love is the leaves, brilliant achievements is the crown, comfortable life is shade!

To advocate green low-carbon, Santa's big transfiguration. Gifts basically rely on to rely on roar, travel basically rely on the dog, play basically by the ugly, warm basically rely on twist, eat basic interrogation. Can not wait, then go from a music.

Wake up is laughing, falling asleep; may you have a lifetime in the sunshine, the heart is always happy forever. Wish friends: smile forever, friendship forever, beautiful eternal, happy forever! Merry Christmas!

There is a tree covered with stars, hanging auspicious star; there is an old man is very popular, everyone's Fuxing; there is a chimney for your passage, happy forward; there is a blessing everywhere teaser, happy accompanied. Happy Christmas!

Hungry meal is lucky, want to eat is happy to eat, lose weight do not eat is very hungry, not hungry to eat is painful, eat on time is shameful, no longer eat is finished, eat egg yolk is playing eggs, Eat protein is Christmas!

Sorry, can not send you a Christmas gift, in fact, I really went to the night, but I brought too much blessing was stuck in the middle of the chimney, so now only give you a late blessing: Merry Christmas!

No matter how many greetings you have received, I still offer my sincere blessings, no matter how happy you have, I still pray for you in silence: the heart of things, dreams come true, but also wish you a Merry Christmas!

Kind of Santa Claus, walked the pace of happiness, carrying a good luck parcel, through the auspicious chimney, picked up wishful socks, stuffed into happiness filled with health, so sweet into your sleep, smile hanging in your face on. Christmas is coming, I wish you a happy Christmas, happy health for a whole year!

Wanted: an old man must be red robe, back pack, often sneak into the home of the night, where the whereabouts of suspicious, such as the discovery of this person, please contact the police in time, you will get a beautiful Christmas gift, Christmas day cash!

May the joy of the Christmas season accompany you in the new year. In this romantic season, miss such as crystal snowflakes falling, you are Santa Claus gave me the best gift of life, and you are willing to spend the same until the eternal.

Romantic Christmas on the road, blessed to send blessings: auspicious Christmas Na Hongfu, Christmas dinner with delicious food, sled transport full of blessing, Santa Claus to benefit, peace and security Yongfu, a better life more happy!

Snow is not floating, the fireworks have not yet bright, Santa Claus has not woken up, deer driving has not yet started, socks have not hung up the window, everyone's blessing has not filled the sky. And I set out in advance, I wish you a merry Christmas, romantic boundless.

The old dust debris clean up, so that doors and windows glittering light. Put the fireworks and firecrackers ready to clear the courtyard street snowflakes. To meet the Santa Claus quietly, to accept Ji'an wishful happiness. May you be happy with Christmas!

The hustle and bustle of the city, the pressure of work, the feelings of the ups and downs, do life is full of suffering? Why do not ask looking forward to the children of Santa Claus, the hearts of a dream, will be happy, Merry Christmas

You are cattle people ah! I heard that you through the unremitting efforts, and finally created a ancient and modern, unheard of the world miracle. You have a baby! Really delighted! Wish you "happy egg" (Christmas) happy!

Happy Christmas deer, took the lucky sleigh, full of lucky to give you; longevity Santa Claus, carrying a happy pocket, filled with healthy and happy to give you. Christmas is coming, may you happy Christmas, happy every day, good luck forever, happiness often accompanied!