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Cold winter there is a romantic holiday is Christmas, romantic Christmas has a message of blessing in the spread, spread the information full of peace, safe delivery is your health my wish. Merry Christmas!

In order to adapt to environmental protection, do not send me a Christmas card at Christmas, please write your message directly on as many bills as possible! Hey hey Merry Christmas Oh!

With a sincere heart, full of blessing, paste the thoughts of the stamps, sent to you, you are willing to live beautiful and beautiful, smooth work, healthy and healthy, Merry Christmas!

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Christmas "old" people, people "friends" supreme, cherish "friends" love, smile "wish" peace, welcome "you" visit, similar to "holy" birthday, happy "birth", heart "fast" Action, gather together "music overturned

Snow and light, the Christmas tree decorate, give people sent to the infinite beauty; deer car and sleigh, the Christmas gift box, sent to festive infinite; auspicious and wish, the Christmas card decoration, give people sent to the warm and unlimited. Merry Christmas!

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Christmas this year, Santa Claus is particularly care for me, sent a gift of the world's most precious to me, I will always cherish her, with my life to protect her, this gift is you, my baby, Christmas happy!

Christmas came, the judge asked the trial: "You did something bad ah?" "I am shopping earlier this year, some," prisoners crying to answer. The judge said, "how early in the end ah?" "Shop before the door," the prisoner replied.

White snowflakes, colorful Christmas trees, gorgeous fireworks together against the colorful Christmas. I write my blessing as a poem, painting can not express my mind, I decided to use SMS to bless you: Merry Christmas.

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And again a year Christmas, is it a bit looking forward to? Early to prepare socks, waiting for Santa Claus; to gift Hill, feet bubble in addition to taste; to avoid Santa Claus, one to be smoked. Also see what? Go fast!

The Lord Jesus' Christmas Gospel: to be kind to others, to be kind to you to send text messages to this person; to often ask him to eat, often buy a gift to him, all your evil money to him, the Lord Jesus love you! Amen!

The farthest distance in the world is not life and death, but when I slide down from your roof and hit the socks you hang on the bed, I'm dizzy. Pro, Christmas come I offer you the most sincere blessing, merry Christmas, life safe

Just a gentle greeting, but it is a thick truth. Whether we are close together or close to the ends of the earth, will be sincere blessing each other, may you always happy happy! Merry Christmas!

Red and red hat on the head wear, Fortune vast; green pine home to put, longevity endless period of time; large socks bed hanging, safe every day endless. Happy Christmas, happy unlimited, willing to go with you, healthy life.

To the "Christmas hat", I wish you peace and happiness; give a pair of "Christmas socks", may you happy to go the world.

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Christmas is coming, I wish you the body as healthy as Santa Claus, the business like a sleigh car as no resistance, money like Santa Claus in the gift of the gift will never end up! Merry Christmas

Christmas blessing, circle into the blessing, the slightest together into a wish, peace and peace with willingness, happy with your long-term, festive luck with your smile, auspicious blessing with your joy, you are happy, happy carnival.

Christmas tree has been decorated, the snow outside the window is still non-stop; romantic dinner is ready, midnight bell is about to sound. Christmas is coming, I would like to gently pass my mind: I wish you a merry Christmas, gifts brought!

Happy Christmas tree, covered with happy lights, encrusted dream star, pull the sweet lock, hanging on the lucky card, lined with youth pine, accompanied by Christmas Eve, filled with Hongfu wine, full of intimate people. Merry Christmas.

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I want to become a tree, a tree for you only exists, the top of the largest brightest star is my heart, the following is my love, wrapped in the ribbon is my silly. Merry Christmas!

Christmas snowflakes bring white good luck, Christmas candle light bright mood, Christmas bells warm and romantic time, Christmas fireworks bright happy eyes, wish the blessing of Christmas happy you my heart!

By the branches of the Christmas tree, folded out of the stars, each star is written with your wish, deer car will be loaded with your happiness came, every candle light are swaying your smile. Christmas, I wish you health and happiness, youth is not old!

Wanted: an old man dressed in white robe, often sneak into the home of the night home to make people happy to be terrible items, discoverer please speed alarm. Alarm: Merry Christmas. You will get lifelong happiness as a reward.

This year Christmas is not gifts, gifts also send short messages, magical messages to you, to express your friendship: to receive that there is a good fortune, save everything goes well, return to life sweet as honey, forward everything is wishful!