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Today is Christmas, to celebrate Jesus' birthday. I will pray for you by the way. May your troubles disappear and be born again. Suffering away, good luck to restart. I wish you all the best. Merry Christmas.

The bell has not yet sounded, my blessing ahead of appearance, no gorgeous sentence, no precious embellishment, only the most real self in the Christmas Eve for you to pray quietly, I hope you are safe and everything is good.

Merry Christmas! Just want to say to you: a cold and warm, a line of noise; an exhortation, a note by phase; a Acacia, wholeheartedly; a love, life fell in love, that I miss you.

Christmas is coming! Think of nothing to give you, and do not intend to give you too much, only to give you 50 million: be sure to be happy! Be sure to be healthy! Be sure to be safe! Be sure to meet! Do not forget me!

Bit by bit care for my wishes, only the film of the sake of my expectations, put my heart in the message inside, all my wishes and expectations to bring me miss you, bring You are brand new and safe. Merry Christmas

Christmas bells sounded again in the ears, really want to enjoy with you this intoxicating atmosphere, tonight I will not spend the same with the previous Christmas night, quietly, with a whole night to miss you!

Tonight there is a star blink, it is wish you peace; there are millions of stars in the flash, it is wish you happy; such as a star did not, it is blessing too many stars eclipsed! Merry Christmas!

Friends, quickly enter the Happy Inn! Because the winter solstice Christmas New Year held a tandem meeting, to send gifts: the winter solstice to give you health, Christmas with happiness to give you, New Year's Day to take happiness with you, so what! Receive it!

The heart folded into a beautiful butterfly, tonight on your pillow, when tomorrow you wake up that moment, it will be safe, happy and happy to stay in your future every day. Merry Christmas!

Fireworks ignite hope and dreams, blooming colorful light; North wind wrapped blessings and greetings, swept with wishful auspicious; Christmas overflowing warm and romantic, drifting with happy publicity. Sincere wish, happy Christmas!

Legend of Christmas night, the stars of the sky issued two wishes; one is willing to all the world happy and happy, the other is to tell the lucky baby is watching this message, Christmas can be a day off, but please leave

Christmas is the happiest is: there is a pair of always filled with socks, there is a never forget the memory, there is always a ringing phone. Warm text messages fresh baked friends, please check. I wish you a happy Christmas.

Worried about like a kite line, always connected with heart; greetings like winter warm, warm and rippling heart; SMS filled my wish, sailing towards the other side of your happiness. And every Christmas season, I wish you a happy holiday, everything is willing to!

Reindeer sleigh, apple present, happy christmas tree. SMS, text blessing, congratulations on Christmas. Safe and healthy, smooth auspicious, Fulu unlimited. Day and night, youthful age, with you to forever. Merry Christmas.

Christmas to an old man drilling stove, we must be careful, do not let the joy on the head. Send gifts, reception, happy to have Christmas too. Clockwork SMS bless you and wish you happy all day long

Christmas is no trouble, only happy to come; Christmas no sorrow, only happy head; Christmas no pain, only happy; Christmas no pressure, only easy to pass, Christmas, may you feel good.

The bell rang, good luck a basket, Santa Claus sent peace, happy to go the Quartet, no gifts and dinner, but I care about your heart and the most sincere blessing: Happy New Year!

Wearing a red Christmas hat, youth forever not old. Sentiment Green Christmas tree, dream come true day blessing. Listen to white Christmas snow, blossoming promise. Santa Claus riding reindeer, holy boy holding Christmas tree. Open the door to greet the blessing, sweet dreams have gifts. Wish: Merry Christmas!

Love is that we put all the imagination of their own good to join, always can not bear to see the other pale ... so we pray for God's coveted ... God happy birthday eggs ... Christmas happy

In order to adapt to environmental protection, do not send me a Christmas card at Christmas, please write your message directly on as many bills as possible! Hey hey Merry Christmas

Christmas day, I sent you a super spree! Not money, because you are rich; not healthy, because you are strong enough; not good luck, because you are enough. Open layers of packaging, built a note, a letter: Merry Christmas

The distance can not stop me to send your blessing, the distance can not pull me and your contact, separated from the distance I miss you, from the band does not take me to your Christmas Eve message: blessing you, Merry Christmas!

The bell will be woven into a happy note, the stars painted on the happy color, the snow drift into auspicious white, blessing written as a good luck message, in the Christmas day, sent to you, I wish you happiness Happy life!

Bell rang, reindeer in run; singing pass Quartet, Christmas came. Snowflakes spilled, bringing auspicious trillion; life year and abundance, everyone laughing. Christmas is coming, I wish you good health, career success, family happy, happy around!

Christmas came, the judge asked the trial: "You did something bad ah?" "I am shopping earlier this year, some," prisoners crying to answer. The judge said, "how early in the end ah?" "Shop before the door," the prisoner replied

Simon blowing snow to the young men and women Christmas hat. Santa is never old, every family is laughing. Christmas trees are treasure, glittering to say hello. Christmas blessing can not be less, mysterious gift and report. Merry Christmas!

An unswerving friendship, worried about the two watch the heart, through the colorful four seasons, thick under the thick thoughts. Christmas sustenance hundred percent sweet and warm, persistent thousands of beautiful blessings, Merry Christmas!

The volcano has not erupted, the earth is not the earthquake, the wind is not mad, the rain is not storm, the floor has not fallen, the road has not been flooded, you still, my phone is not debt, early wish you a happy Christmas , Wonderful life!

The bell rang in my ear, with the memory gradually clear; snow falling in my palm, with the smile slowly blurred; happiness law falls in your palm, who will give you comfort, Christmas night with me Phase to accompany

Snow blooming auspicious flowers, the Christmas tree bear the fruit, good luck red hat, laughing attracted Santa Claus, give you a gift to make you happy often, send you a blessing you wish to live forever. Merry Christmas!

Hello there! I'm Santa Claus. Sorry to tell you, because in the past year, my mouth greedy, lazy, eat sleep, sleep to eat, so fortune, not into the chimney, you can only wish you a merry Christmas!

Snowflakes fluttering, filled with silver makeup; fire raging, wine fragrance; blessing, send you auspicious; feelings thick, warm in the heart. In this beautiful and charming peace night, let me sincerely report to you peace!

Welcome to Christmas today, I sent the blessing, would like to busy all the fatigue finished "birth", "holy" are all relaxed and comfortable; willing to worry all worry finished "birth", "holy" all happy simple; Unlucky all finished "birth", "holy" are all lucky and safe; I wish you a happy life!

I tried to go to the deer, too expensive; I tried to drill the chimney, too dirty; I tried to put the gift socks, too stinky. Helpless can only send text messages to you, Santa Claus I can not do, or you play him give me gifts it Merry Christmas!

Christmas, dark night Santa Claus sled, rack reindeer, shoulder bag, the higher the wall, wearing a chimney, fast lightning, fast as a blast, according to my message that your home direction, Quickly meet!

Send you a Christmas sled, filled with happiness. Send you a Christmas elk, auspicious happy. Send you Christmas Red Hat, Hongfu head shines. Christmas, I wish you a happy event, happy joy every day. Financial resources in successive years!