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White snow on behalf of our friendship pure, bright fireworks on behalf of our passionate years, red Christmas on behalf of our prosperous life, that covered with the Christmas tree on behalf of what? On behalf of my full of your blessing, fool.

Because the thought of a few days overwhelming blessing information will be filled with your cell phone, so I decided to occupy the high ground ahead of time, to bless the row to the back, "Merry Christmas" my first!

Emergency notice, because your house no chimney house, I can not send a gift to your home, please do not close the window before going to bed tonight, so I finished the gift and then closed the window, but be careful thieves Oh Santa Claus wish you a Merry Christmas!

White snow, green tree, the old man driving my thoughts, carrying my blessing sent to health, blessing, peace, joy, luck, sincere, romantic thick message, wish you a happy Christmas!

The festival is in the west; the feelings are, is the Chinese style; blessed to the friends; care to, is sincere; care to, is careful. In this wonderful day, I wish you a happy Christmas!

Christmas bells will sound, colorful salute put up. Hodgey pass the Quartet, peace fruit to report peace. Reindeer spank the world to run, to send all the gifts. Auspicious wishful dance, happy health around the side Merry Christmas!

Friends is: a understanding, a support, a sub-care, a greeting, some choice, a sincere, a tacit understanding, some miss, must be unforgettable ~ wish my friend Merry Christmas!

The smell of roast chicken drifting into you, love in the diffuse; Christmas gifts to you, love thick speechless; Christmas songs to sing to you, love in the heart. Christmas and you to share happiness is my good wish. Thank you for having you.

Christmas to Santa Claus is not just to send gifts, is different, what to send what, money to send money, food shortages, according to observation, Santa Claus decided to give you ... Haha, I wish you a happy Christmas!

Beautiful story from the beautiful state of mind, warm warm from the warm heart, happy feeling from the happy mood. There are ten days of Christmas came, I wish you have the most beautiful state of mind, warm heart, happy mood!

The most tormenting thing in the world is not the gift of Santa Claus to you, reindeer get lost, nor is I eating roast turkey, you sell matches in the window, but my blessing you did not receive, for the table mind early wish you a merry Christmas!

Someone told me that happy moments should be shared with good friends, but in this romantic Christmas season, my blessing is only willing to all your happiness sweet around you, I wish you a dream come true, have a very bright holiday.

Christmas day today, everyone around the world laughs. Fancy dress will be fast dress up, celebrate Christmas to the Ming Dynasty. Make-up mask is really wonderful, wear friends can not know. Take off the mask laughed, bless the sound around the sound around. Merry Christmas!

Snowflakes are flying with joy, the bells convey the joy, the apple is filled with peace, the candy is filled with sweet, the carol is filled with joy, the message is full of my most sincere blessing. Christmas, may you be happy and happy, well - being!

In this wonderful moment, may your heart be like a paradise, bloom out of tender and beautiful flowers; May your mouth like a hot spring, flowing out of a happy song; May your eyes like images, depicting the brilliant colors. Merry Christmas!

Christmas, Christmas Eve, send an apple happy night. Clean snow, crystal tree, hang a gift happy moment. Greetings, blessings, Christmas messages flock to you. Christmas, wish you every second!

Christmas, Santa Claus hung a Christmas tree in the Christmas tree, which is a Christmas present: children, high-tech era, I will not run errands, and simply send you a Christmas condolence message, Merry Christmas!

Let 's open, let' s have my Christmas blessing! Send the people really sincere, received the people extremely happy to read the people big lucky, the storage of sweet sweet honey, forward all the people wishful to delete the people are still smooth! Merry Christmas!

Christmas, to the heart of laughter, light knot color really wonderful; deer run, gift to, bell jingle ringing sky; snow drift, dream child is good, soon greetings happiness around; flowers open, birds called, lucky mind reported The Merry Christmas!

No stamps, nor stamps, my letter, as I am eager to heart, with incredible speed of light, and instantly flying thousands of miles of water, came to your front, only to become the first to send you wish People: Merry Christmas

Run the endless journey, endless smoke and smoke, stuffed socks, endless packs, because with your laughter, I do not feel tired. Christmas, I wish you have endless sweet, endless money, happy Happy!

Christmas happy night, send an apple happy night; clean snow, crystal tree, hang a warm moment; greetings, blessings, Christmas messages flock to you. Christmas, wish you every second!

Little bit of stars, the voice of wish. Pray for peace and congratulations on Christmas. Santa head, smiling bed front. Mysterious gift, blessing heart. Wonderful infinite, good luck constantly. Happy to follow, dream to achieve. Happy happy, years old!