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Back To School !

Back to School is obeserved for the occassion of rejoining school after a prolonged vacation or time. Observation of this day varies according to the the school schedules of different places. The Back to School Day activities include the participation of public figures and experts paying visit to their former schools or to any other school. It is a national day on which state legislatores across the country visit schools and colleges to promote representative democracy. The main pupose of the Legislators of the United States of America is to educate the young citizens about what it is like to be a state legislator and what the legislature does. This is the best way for legislators to find out what is going on in the schools spending time in the classroom with the teachers and the students. It celebrates the incredible role state schools play in the nation's development and success. It's about connecting schools with the wider community and inspiring students to succeed.
For some this is the first day of school life. Whether an anxious new freshman or a confident senior,heading back to school signals a time of transition,new classes,new teachers,new schedules and a new social scene.