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Canadian Thanksgiving !

Thanksgiving is the harvest festival which is celebrated to express gratitude in general for the harvest. In Canada the second Monday of October is a statutory or public, holiday. Canada thanks the God for the harvest and celebrates the day eating turkey and smashed potatoes. The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is officially observed on the second Monday of October, however people generally get together for their Thanksgiving meal on any one of the three days of this three-day holiday weekend.
Thanksgiving was originally observed in Newfoundland and other parts of the country by new European settlers. Over the years it moved between various dates, sometimes being observed in November and sometimes in October. It was not until the 1950's that the current date was proclaimed as being the official date for Canadian Thanksgiving.
The first thanksgiving in Canada was celebrated on 15th April 1872 to thank the recovery of King Edward VII from serious illness. The next thanksgiving was The next thanksgiving was celebrated after a few years in 1879 on a Thursday. In later years, thanksgiving came to be celebrated on 'Armistice Day'. This was however, amended in 1931. Finally on January 31, 1957, Parliament announced the second Monday in the month of October as the official 'Thanksgiving Day'. It was declared as "a day of general Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed."
Another reason for Canadian Thanksgiving arriving earlier than its American's is that Canada is geographically further north than the United States,causing the Canadian harvest season to arrive earlier than the American harvest season. And since Thanksgiving for Canadians is more about giving thanks for the harvest season than the arrival of pilgrims,thus the holiday is celebrated in October.



Canadian Thanksgiving Text Messages and SMS for whatsapp and Facebook

 There is no love to go beyond your love, no one flower than you beautiful, no face than your kind, you have one of the world's best to listen to the name: mother! I wish you forever! forever Young!

2, my dear mother: You have used your solid arm for me to hold up a blue sky; now, I have to use my increasingly plump wings for you to block the wind and rain. Mother, i love you forever! I wish you a happy life!

3, the journey of life, because of your bright, life of the road, because you are no longer confused, you let me find the wings of flying, thank you my most sincere friend.

4, the wind blowing the earth, the waves washed the beach, the clouds over the sky, where you go through, I really wrote all the gratitude, I wish you happy every day 5, dad, no matter where you are, there is We are the happiest and yearning place. Wish you happy!

6, my father wish you happy, offer my thanks, for so many years you pay for my hard work and love.

7, mother, your love, like a block of sugar, the bag is nagging, hiding in the curse, let me find the West to find, until I sensible, only to find. Wish you happy!

8, hit me, call me, instruct me, this day by you. I do not fight back, curse only one - kiss you one Mom, you worked hard!

9, the most simple love, the most pure love, the deepest feelings - that is great maternal love . My mother gave me too much, although I am far away in his hometown, but still with the deepest feelings, the most sincere blessing, wish mother happy!

10, I used the heart of the paper, folded into the world's most beautiful carnation gave the mother, thank she for giving me life. I wish the world all the mother healthy, happy every day happy!

11, driving a car of friendship, carrying the most beautiful wish to come to you, made a grateful boat, wind and waves to you. No matter where you are, please accept my thanks from the heart, I wish you happy.

12, no matter how distant the future, no matter how the world will change, you are always my heart forever grateful people, in this grateful day, let me bring you the most sincere greetings, friends you?

13, when thanks to replace all the language world will become a beautiful paradise, when care to replace all the behavior of the world will be a happy home, thanks for life, thanks to the world.

14, you are my most grateful people, you always need me when you bring my inner comfort, today is Thanksgiving, please allow me to sincerely say to you thank you.

15, life helpless sad sad, no one cheering mood unhappy, you help me care, let me understand the wonderful life. Thanksgiving Day Blessing sent. I wish you a happy life.

16, Thanksgiving Day, I arranged for you a number of columns of rich activities, first, thank you, the second, to thank you, third, to thank you, fourth, thank you thank you ... ... thank you.

17, you can be really a good person, but for your help how I would so soon forget the sadness, Thanksgiving Day, sent my most sincere blessing, I hope you can be happy and happy.

18 Thank you for having loved me, thank you for having hated me, thank you for having scolded me, thank you for being in my life, my life is wonderful for you.

19, wonderful life everywhere, how can you care about your care, this life has your affectionate love, grateful mind forever buried.

20, meteor let the night sky moved, life and death to make life touched, love to make life touched, you let me moved in Thanksgiving Day blessing you are happy than all the people happy.

21, I put the thoughts in the sky, he was the wind away, I put the greeting on the beach, he was taken away by the waves, I love to hide in the heart, no one does not go, thank you my friend.

22, Thanksgiving Day, you are still waiting for what, quickly picked up the phone ready to emotions, with a deep feeling of language to the world say thank you, thank you to friends say.

23, thanks to my parents let me flesh and blood, thank life let me know how hard life, thanks to the ups and downs let me know how to challenge, thank friends let me know friendship priceless, Thanksgiving happy.

24, grateful heart of your care, grateful heart of your care, thanks to the hearts of all the greetings of the world, in this special day, the world is willing to everyone happy and happy.

25, love let us have life, love let us thrive, love let us learn how to live, love let us know how to thank, Thanksgiving to, and wish my friend happy happy.

26, life because you have become extraordinary significance, struggle because you have become very exciting, I use all the efforts to thank you, thank you for my care.

27, Thanksgiving Day, a special day of the day, although there is no Valentine's Day romantic, no Christmas festive, but it is the most exciting day, life thanks to the wonderful.

28, thank you my good friend, you help me so much, in the days of Thanksgiving let me use a sincere song to you, in your most lonely time to sing in your ear.

29, greetings such as poetry full of care, thanks to the song full of wonderful, I would like to thank you in the day to give you the most sweet disturbed, I wish you in this special day with a beautiful mood.

30, I would like to turn into the South of the geese, flying in the sky left a grateful traces, I would like to turn into the sea whale, in the rough waves left in your gratitude. happy Thanksgiving.

31, driving a friendship car, carrying the most beautiful wish to come to you, made a grateful boat, wind and waves to you. No matter where you are, please accept my thanks from the heart, happy Thanksgiving.

32, if I am a poet, I would like to use the most beautiful language to express your gratitude, if I am a singer, I use the most passionate melody for your blessing, Thanksgiving happy, my best friend.

33, the journey of life, because of your bright, the road of life, because you are no longer confused, you let me find the wings of flying, thank you my most sincere friend. happy Thanksgiving.

34, the wind blowing the earth, the waves washed the beach, the clouds over the sky, where you pass, I really wrote all the gratitude, I wish you happy every day. happy Thanksgiving.

35, thanks to the heart like a bottle of old wine, always engraved in the hearts of incense, unlimited friendship with good wishes, hope that old friends in the Thanksgiving energy harvest a happy.

36, the way of life thank you for my shelter, emotional way to thank you for my tolerance, life on the way to thank you for my warm care, Thanksgiving days offer my most sincere thanks.

37, a thousand words into a song, the name is called gratitude, the grace of thanks to a poem, the name is called blessing, thanks to old friends for many years care, bless you forever happy.

38, when the sincere meet with the blessing, I feel the warmth, when the care and love meet I feel the truth, when the warmth and the truth meet will be turned into my gratitude to you, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!