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Friendship Day!

Friends are the best possessions of one's life and to celebrate this beautiful relation the first sunday of August is observed as International Friendship Day. The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in US in 1935. Gradually the festival gained popularity and today it is celebrated all over the world in different ways. People meet their friends on this day,present gifts and flowers to honor their friends. Tying a special kind of colorful band called friendship band is a special tradition which is mostly famous among the youngsters.
The principal text of the western civilisation the Bible reflects upon the warmest bonding of humankind ---- friendship which forms the foundation of human faith,trust and companionship. Both the Old and the New Testament of Bible consits of innumerable tales valuing friendship as a treasure. Both the versions make a difference between the two broad meanings of friendship—one is a mere acquaintance, the other is a more affectionate relation.
“Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13-15
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7
Friends are an ardent need of our lives and they are worthy of being prized and this day is a perfect chance to let our friends know how much they value to us. Celebration of friendship,that we call by so many names—chums,pals,buddies,mates,from school pals to work colleagues, from siblings to partners, parents to pets to neighbors to internet friends.

Friendship Day Wishes, Saying, Sms, Text Messages

Years like a river, if a person walked, I do not know the depth of a lot of shallow; if more people go together, encourage each other more safe across the river, this person is a friend. Friendship, send you a little greeting, willing to be happy with you around.

You do not forget to pay me when you pay, you have to think about me when you take the BMW. When you read your friend's name, do not miss me. This is friendship day, it is worth adding that: when you are sad, should also remember me.

Today is the day of friendship, I sincerely hold your hand, I am happy to put up his shoulder, we are sincere with each other, will touch God, it will make our friendship become everlasting.

Do not be so busy with you - he (she), do not forget because of your pursuit - he (she), that he can not always think of you at all times? Friendship Day Come, friends - accept my reminder: pouring water, dating friends.

Spring beauty is the spring breeze charming, summer beauty is the summer thunder, autumn is the beauty of autumn, winter is the beauty of winter snow swim, the beauty of friendship is precious friendship, friendship festival to! I would like to friends healthy forever, happy go hand in hand!

Friendship puzzle: eat sugar on the teeth is not good, bad teeth is not good appetite, appetite is not good digestion is not good, poor digestion of the body is not good, bad mood is not good, bad mood to find you chat! Do you say that sugar is good?

Spring to the earth sent all things recovery vitality, summer rain to bring people colorful purple green, autumn leaves to bring life to fall into the mud into the mud, blessing to a friend to bring happy! Happy Day!

A friend is like a window of your mind, the more friends, the more knowledge, the more substantial your heart, I would like your heart that the largest brightest window, bring you infinite beautiful scenery, I wish you Happy Friendship Day!

The cause has never been favored, actually hurt! Money has never been caring, actually been abused! Feelings never been pursued, actually be flat kick! Or friendship is true, I wish a happy section of friendship!

Friends are long, the longer the more mellow; friends are books, read the more flavor; friends are the way, more and more tired. Time and space continue to cycle, friendship life without regret, today's friendship festival, blessing dedicated to: friends, I wish you happiness go hand in hand!

Water, knocked over, can not re-collection; King, missed, can not go back; words, say, can not change; people, separated, can not stay. Friendship Day, thinking about a friend, cherished you cherish you, willing to friendship forever!

For an orangutan, happiness is full of termites on the branches; for an umbrella, happiness is a safe and gentle rain on a pair of children; for a woman, happiness is a strong arms embrace the warm ; For me, happiness is a common and sincere message: Friendship Day, and is willing to friendship forever, willing to be forever forever.

There is a person, not your loved ones, but on weekdays than their loved ones; not your lover, but life is more affectionate than the lover; this person's name is called friends. Friends, happy life with you, wish the International Friendship Day happy!

Real friends are not necessarily successful when they celebrate the people, but must be abjection when the hearts of the common heart; firm friendship is not necessarily the space inseparable, but must be in time forever. International Friendship Day, I wish you my friendship tree evergreen.