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Good Friday !

Good Friday commemmorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On this day Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering, and death on the cross of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Christ is the incarnation of God and his teachings are recorded in the new Testament of The Holy Bible. Good Friday is also known as the Holy Friday, the Black Friday or the Great Friday. The name "Good Friday" possibly comes from "God's Friday",though opinions differ regarding the exact name of the day.
   Jesus came as a humble, poor person, not as a strong, rich king. It's also believd that Jesus Christ was 'the man born to die'. He came to this earth for the well being of human being and their salvation. To save them from evil and sin and show the way of honesty and purity. Jesus came to this world for love and spread love. But many Jewish priests including Judas were of the opinion that Christ was spreading revolutionary ideas among the people against them and creating riots ib their own town. The plotted against him and put charges of for motivating people, not paying taxes to their King and by claiming these charges in front of the Governor they arrested him and on the next day he was produced in front of the Roman Governor to prove his innocence. The Roman government found nothing wrong in his teachings and released him. Jesus' enemies tried their best and last handed him to the Jewish and Judas proving his teachings wrong. After Christ’s possession they took him for crucifixion. He was brutally killed by his opponents as they made him wear a crown of thorns and on a huge wooden cross he was hanged. His hands and feet were nailed. A huge crowd followed him on his way to possession. With him there were two other men who died on the same day and led to the same place where he was led. After three hours of nailing down and suffering he died at 3o’clock. But before dying he prayed his last wish to God to forgive the sinners who planned the conspiracy against him as they didn't know whom they were killing and what sin they were performing.
Good Friday is celebrated all over the world in all the Christian communities with full devotion.People visit the church dressed in all good clothes and accessories to pay homage to Christ and following Jesus Christ and keep fast on this day as according to the story of Christ fasting in desert to overcome the Evil One for forty days before the beginning of His teachings. Many people even today perform a three-hour service on Friday in remembrance of the death of Christ in which one service includes seven distinct elements stating seven utterances of Christ when he was hanged on cross.