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Indian Independence Day!

India became free from the rule of the British East India Company on 15th August 1947 and became the Republic of India. The struggle for Indian Independence comprised the efforts of the Indians to liberate the region from British rule and form the nation-state of India. The struggle involved a wide range of rebellions and political uprisings against the British rule. The fury against the British was spreading like fire everywhere. At that time the "Sepoy Mutiny" or the Great Revolt of 1857 worked as adding the spark to the fire. Though this revolt was suppressed badly by the British but its effect was publicized. Militant nationalism also emerged in various places as a protest to the torture of the ruler. The first organised militant movement was in Bengal, but it later took political stage in the form of a mainstream movement in the then newly formed Indian National Congress. Towards the end of the freedom struggle the Corgress came into power slowly and demads of political and economic freedom of the peasants were put forward the government. The Congress, under the leadership of Gandhi began to prepare for the "Quit India Movement" in 1942. With the pace of developments all over the world (after the Second World War), the British came to realize that it was not possible to rule India any more and they decided to quit. The Muslim League had vowed for a separate nation, Pakistan. In the March of 1947 Lord Mountbatten came to India and recommended a partition of Punjab and Bengal in the face of civil war. Mahatma Gandhi was opposed to the proposal of partition and urged Mountbatten to offer Jinnah leadership of a united India instead of the creation of a separate Muslim state. But this arrangement was not acceptable to many nationalist leaders. In July Britain's Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act according to which August 14 and 15 were set for partition of India. Thus came into existence two independent countries Indian and Pakistan.
15th August is the national holiday in India. Offices,schools and colleges remain close to observe this day. Flag hoisting ceremonies take place in almost every part of the country. Housing colonies, cultural centres, clubs and societies hold entertainment programmes and competitions, usually based on the Independence Day theme. Most national and regional television channels screen old and new film classis with patriotic themes on Independence Day.