Happy Juneteenth Wishes Greeting Cards Messages and Ecards


Juneteenth is the oldest celebration in the United States remembering the abolition of slavery,also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day. The celebration started at Galveston,Texas almost a century back. President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation programme was issued in 1862 which officially came into use in 1st of Jan 1863. On 19th June 1865 Major General Gordon Granger leading the Union soldiers landed on Galveston and declared the end of war and the exemption of the slaves. With the arrival of General Granger’s regiment the soldiers were finally able to influence the Texans and overcome their resistance as they were less influenced by the Emancipation Proclamation. The Texans were informed of the freedom of the slaves from the administration. The freedmen were advised to stay at their homes and work for earnings and were granted personal rights and right for property.
   At present Juneteenth is celebrated all over America and Africa observing the achievement of freedom and education. It is time for reflection and rejoicing. Somewhere it is celebrated for a week,somewhere for a month in traditional ways. People often organize parties and feasts with grandeur. The traditional dishes of Juneteenth include portions of barbecue, cakes, fresh fruit and vegetables, and pies. The traditional cuisine of the Juneteenth celebration includes barbecue, greens, pies, baked bread, red soda, home-made ice cream, and watermelon. Reading of the Emancipation in public is a well known tradition. Many Afro-American families retrace and recall the tragedies of their ancestors who were held in bondage. People often sing traditional songs and recite poems composed by Afro-American writers.