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Mexican Independence Day !

In the year 1813 under the leadership of Miguel Hidalgo Mexico gained independence from the Spanish colonial authorities. Three centuries of oppression made the people call for a revolution leaded by Hidalgo,the respected Catholic priest. This revolution erupted in the village of Dolores,in the state of Guanajuato. The movement was led by Mexican-born Spaniards,Mestizos and Amerindians who sought independence from Spain. It started as an idealistic peasants' rebellion against their colonial masters, but finally ended as an unlikely alliance between liberals and conservatives. The movement for the independence of Mexico began with Napoleon's conquest of Spain. Hidalgo's declaration was an impulsive desicion of his part which changed the course of independence and set the stage on fire. "Mexicanos, Viva Mexico!" which meant "Mexicans, long live Mexico!" was his call for the members of New Spain's lowest caste. Customarily Hidalgo always rang the Church bell to bring the Amerindians in mass. Hi did the same but that time for some different reason. He rang the bell to call the Amerindians and the Mestizos to strike back the Gachupines or native Spaniards,who exploited and oppressed the Mexicans for ten generations.
Every year at midnight on September 15,Mexicans led by the president of Mexico shout the Grito,honoring the crucial and impulsive action that was the catalyst for the country's bloody struggle for independence from Spain.
The largest celebration takes place in the city of Zocalo which is being decorated from the beginning of the month of September with the three colors of the flag,red,white and green. President goes to the National Palace and rings the bell as Hildago did. At the end of the words of Grito the general crowd waves flags,rings noisemakers and spray foams. Then fireworks light up the sky as the crowd cheers. Later the Mexican national anthem is sung. The celebrations take place in Mexico City and continue on the 16th with civic ceremonies and parades, but perhaps the most touching festivities are those in small communities in which school children of all ages participate. There are certain foods,considered as representative of the Independence Day. Pozole,a soup made of hominy and pork is one of the favourites of this festival. Other foods have the colors of the Mexican flag - red white and green, like chiles en nogada and of course,party will remain incomplete without plenty of mezcal and tequila.