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Patriot Day !

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In the United States Patriot day is observed in memory of those innocent people who passed away in the terrorist attack of 11th September. Americans call this day as "Nine-Eleven (9/11)" or "September 11th". On September 4, 2002, President Bush used his authority,created by the resolution and proclaimed 11th September 2002 as Patriot day. Following the directions of the President a half-mast flag of the United States is supposed to be displayed on the White House,all US government buildings and all the houses of the Americans as a mark of respect to those who died on this misfortunate day. People observe a moment of silence at 8.46 am when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. The areas directly affected by the attacks hold special prayers and church services. People who lost their loved ones in the attack lay flowers in memory of them. Though not a holiday,schools colleges doesn't remain close on this day but some organisations and people hold prayers for their souls to rest in peace,but these do not usually affect public life for more than a few minutes.