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St. Patricks Day !

The national holiday of Ireland,widely celebrated as the annual feast day,colloquially known as St. Paddy's Day is also called St.Patrick's Day worldwide. It is the anniversary of St. Partrick's death around the 5th century. Other than the Irish people it is also celebrated in Canade,United States,Great Britain,Singapore,Hongkong,Australia & New Zealand.
          St Patrick is one of the most reknowned Chritian Figure,who is known to have lived a mysteryful life. Ptrick is belived to born of a Christian deacon. It is also said that the Irish Raiders imprisoned him for 6 years. From his writing it is known that God instructed him,in his dreams,to leave Ireland. After escaping to Britain he is known to have experinced a dream where as angel told him to return to Ireland as a missionary.
          Patrick made an effort to incorporate the traditional Christian beliefs in Ireland. He imposed a sun on the Christian cross,to make it more natural to the Irish,now known as the Celtic cross.
          At present,St Patrick's Day holds a traditional and religious position in Ireland. The government use this day as an oppurtunity for developing tourism in the country. In Chicago this day is celebrated,in a different way,in coloring the Chicago River green. This measureis adopted to lessen the environmental damage. Though opinions differ regarding the history of this idea.
          The Irish people consider the shamrock as a sacred plant. To save the Irish land from English seize,the Irish have worethe shamrock as a symbol of their pride. Presently it stands for the rebirth of spring. History says that the English after conquering Ireland prevented the Irish from speakling their language. The Irish used their music to preserve their culture and heritage. The meal of corned beef and cabage accompanied by green beer,their traditional meal,is a must on St. Patrick's Day. There is a common belief that Leprechauns,the shoe makers of the fairies,live in Ireland. They are hard to catch,if one can catch them they can be made to tell where they have hidden the gold.