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Father's Day!

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Father's Day is celebrated worldwide,on 3rd sunday of June in honor of the dearest man in our lives,our father. We often forget and overlook the importance of our father and what he has done for us. This day is to honor not only our father but the father figures in our live like uncle,grandfather or big brother. Daddies play the most important role in shaping up a child's character and bringing out the best in the child. He was there for our first step,our first fall and we can count on him to be there when we need him next. It is said that a man can be a father but it takes a lot to be called daddy. Any person can give birth to a child but bringing up the child with the duties of a father,parenting is not easy and those who overcome this journey are hero to us. Our biggest hero deserves our biggest thanks.
The first ever Father's Day is believed to be celebrated on July 5 1908 by Dr. Robert Webb of West Virginia at the Central United Methodist Church of Fairmont. The history of father's day holds its origin to the idea of a woman in Spokane,Washington named Sonora Smart Dodd of celebrating a day in honor of father. In 1909 while listening to a mother's day sermon the thought of father's day came to her.
Inspite of the support of the Young Men's Christian Association,the Young Women's Christian Association and the churches it took a long to make this day an official holiday. Father's day is celebrated in different parts of the world according to the different traditions.

Father! - to God himself we cannot give a holier name.                        ~William Wordsworth