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Halloween !

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the last day of October. This day holds its origin 2000 years back to Celtic civilisation. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints’ Day. Halloween marked the end of the winter solistice and the end of the harvest festival.
About 2000 years back the Celts celebrated a holiday on the name of the God of death and called the day Samhain. They believed on the last day of the autumn harvest festival the God of death released all the death spirits to visit the homes they once lived. That used to be a scary night for the Celts. On that night they would leave their homes and gather together in a field. Once at the field they would build a huge bonfire, this fire was as big as a torcher tool shed, to scare away all the evil spirits and any ghost, goblins, or any other demons that may be roaming around in the night. The main reason for the Celts to built the bonfires was their fear  for the spirits of the death. They feared that the spirits became powerful and caused harm to the living beings like sickness and damaged the crops. Costumes or masks were also being worn by the Celts in an attempt to copy the spirits and placate them. The ceremony of Samhain was followed by All Hallows Eve, celebrated on November first. The souls would once again be banished and no longer free to roam the earth. Eventually the Celt religion was replaced by Christianity. Somewhere around 800 A.D. the Christian church declared November 1st as All Saints' Day to honour all the Saints who did not have a special day of their own. On this occasion people made their old customs from Samhian and the Roman festivals part of the All Saints' Day rituals. The Catholic church also made November 2nd All Souls' Day to honour the dead.
Halloween costumes are traditionally those of monsters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. Costumes are also based on themes other than traditional horror, such as those of characters from television shows, movies, and other pop culture icons. Many other symbols that are used today, such as the jack-o-lantern, originated from this ceremony.
There are several games traditionally associated with Halloween parties. One common game is dunking or apple bobbing, in which apples float in a tub or a large basin of water the participants must use their teeth to remove an apple from the basin,to make things even more challenging, try removing the stems from the apples.
Some games traditionally played at Halloween are forms of divination.
During the late 19th and 20th centuries a common culture was wide spread,which was something like if an unmarried girl sat in a room alone on this day looking at the mirror the face of her future husband appered on the mirrior and if she was to die before marriage a skeleton appeared on the mirror.
Haunted houses are the main attractions of this day. It is a very common tradition to pay a visit to the haunted and spooky places in the country.
As the holiday comes in the wake of the annual apple harvest, candy apples,also known as toffee, caramel or taffy apples, are a common Halloween treat made by rolling whole apples in a sticky sugar syrup, sometimes followed by rolling them in nuts.

Happy Halloween Text Messages and SMS for whatsapp and Facebook

2, Halloween, monsters appear, for the safety of you, my good luck, peace, happiness, wealth, health, writing SMS talisman to you, teach you a mantra, repeat after me: "I'm 90 sand coat, I am 90 sand coat.

the Halloween is coming, my Mary "ghost" and the romantic, with "ghosts" the perfume of the flowers, my most "ghost" wishes to the Biggest part of me "ghost" friends let friends resources "buddies" all things smoothly

to Halloween, dressed as a vampire, with eternal youth and health; turned into a witch, learn various good luck charm; close to zombies, corpse bride love harvest. I wish you a happy Halloween.

5, to Halloween, no gift for you, I want you to eat a pumpkin dinner: pumpkin pie, and sweet pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin dumplings with a few bowls, slipped round up your belly, you'd better become – pumpkins face.

Halloween, Carnival feast started. Where a property is a qualification for entering into monsters, like the night, like fooling around. After you meet the admission requirements, send your one ticket, speed in order to claim. I wish you have a happy Halloween!

7, Halloween, Jack-o-lanterns light your way, money mask you usher in the festive candy brings you the sweetness of life, my message for you to send to a lifetime of blessing: happy Halloween!

to Halloween, pumpkins candle away your troubles, bring your inner joy; drive away your worries, bring you peace of mind, wish me a "ghost" of friends, happy Halloween!

to Halloween, pumpkin mischief is kindly invited to "sacred" and body health, masked naughty teasing "sacred" Yan laugh, clothes make you "Holy" sound sweet, blessed ghosts "Holy" clean always. Halloween, I wish you happy forever.

to Halloween, I wish you to work face hungry, drunk hit work around the goat, anyway, is dead; kid, happy Halloween! Wish you are more like a big devil! Happy Halloween!

to Halloween, I wish you a day of "million" to one's liking, the body "Wan" Kangxin, romance, " sweetheart, " comfortable, eating and drinking, " cool, " happy!

to Halloween, I hope you go out without a ghost, sleep without dreams ghost, looked up and can't see ghost, nothing to hold cell phones touch the other half of the thighs, pay attention to objects, must be safe and family, happy Halloween!

13, to Halloween, I wish you go out meet the goat eating caught hungry ghost, met alcoholic drink, ride met drunks, friends are smart boy themselves become cowards! I wish a happy Halloween!

14, to Halloween, I wish you happy ghost lives, encountering lucky ghost family fortune encountered ghosts, body health ghost, life is full of good luck haunted, don't be a chicken.

15, to Halloween, stressed the point that you can go to the dog who cried woof, but ghosts are also going to talk about taste, our philosophy is to make all the ghosts are happy to see you, including the man who is reading.

16, to Halloween, send you a lucky talisman, peace be with you makes you comfortable, and happy number and send you a happy happy, no matter what holiday Carnival!

17, to Halloween, send you a pumpkin pie, painting your pumpkin face sent you a pumpkin lantern, write like pumpkin, sweet wishes, friends, happy Halloween.

18, to Halloween, send you a bag of honey-the skeleton, you sweetheart, send you pumpkin lights, light up your future; give you a mask, to worry about you hiding; give you a blessing, wish you a happy Halloween!

19, to Halloween, send you a few ghosts: things have "ghost" who day Jane "ghost"; body magic the game "ghost"; having a baby was smart "ghosts"; make a project is "ghost" AX God received text messages, be happy "ghost"

20, to Halloween, send you iron cloth shirt, exorcisme health, wealth, Babel, ping an amulet, brave down the wand attachment exorcise demons whip, bring them and keep you healthy, safe every day, good one after another.

21, to Halloween, send your pumpkin lamp, light up your solitude of the sky. Send you a black mask, interpretation of the beauty of your life. Send you a white robe, frightening ghosts begging for mercy. Wishing you happier than ghosts.

22, to Halloween, watch knock on my door whom uncertain objects please do not open the door, over the Halloween home invasion robbery-prone, watch short, borrowing must be wary of unknown, being cheated of money many people were tricked into sex!

23, to Halloween, don't, don't, don't be afraid. Because of my blessing, kid is hesitant to harass you, but they may not be, I wish you a happy Halloween!

24, to Halloween, drinking to drink less, care became an alcoholic; smoke fewer, carefully into the smoker; mean generous, carefully into the cheapskate ... ... Halloween, I wish all the ghost kid a happy ghost

25, to Halloween, black impermanence find you said: after class, what do you? White change to say: melons, Miss me so much. Hei Bai Wu Chang said after class, you fool, Miss me, happy holidays.

26, to Halloween, may you live a happy ghost, was a smart boy, love is a miser; ghosts away from you, goat around you, occasionally do alcoholics, even became a Slacker, nobody said you creep!

27, to Halloween, may your smile, wolves were hanged, you called, chickens flew a dog to jump, your one-stop, smell filled the air, you sweat, ticks, disaster, you don't dress up, than ghosts ugly, your dress, the ghost scare paralyzed! Dedicated to Halloween hero!

28, to Halloween. We are preparing for the mask, and you don't have to. Since ghosts are afraid of how you look, dinosaurs, they would run away. HAHA. I wish a happy Halloween, have fun!

29, to Halloween. Give you a mask, make you smile and glow. Send you a coat, showing you a devil figure. Send you a pair of shoes, let you join break hard, everything is smooth. I wish a happy Halloween!

30, to Halloween: I wish you a lucrative business, full of love, work safe, cannot underestimate the wisdom people, finally I wish you place for Halloween!

31, people are afraid of ghost, Ghost afraid of seven points. Halloween is coming, don't be afraid of ghosts, though receives this message will be a ghost, but if you invite me to dinner, this spell can be discharged, do not believe you try!

32, your performance: people do not like people, ghosts do not like a ghost, your results: the children see you cried for mum, mother see your hand, your performance: traffic jams, city are ghosts, Halloween, Ghost acting, open laugh, scary, fun Tutu.

33, Halloween comes, I'm going to dress up as angry birds come to you, let those who derided the fool you pigs are all expelled, and said to them: out sooner or later to drop! Oh, worship me!

35, Halloween party for attention--make up: people do not like people, ghosts do not like a ghost; on manners: not Devils emotional: furtive; language: Ghost. Remember that extra little gifts, don't play cheapskate in front of Ms. I wish you a happy Halloween.

36, with ghosts, and a casual, dress up as a ghost, and a poor, haunted, and a cozy, Halloween festival, heart happy, have a casual, cheesy headstall-free, too, laugh out, to a dog, I wish you a Halloween-crazy fun, happy promise.

37, and soul, the strange combination of lamps and candles, the evil shining; the good and the evil, mysterious look; surprise and joy alternating feelings you and me, constant friendship Halloween, happy wishes. I wish a happy Halloween!

38, If you are afraid of ghosts to scare ghosts Halloween, if you believe in ghosts, you dressing up for Halloween, if you love ghost, you chase a ghost for Halloween, if you hell Halloween really is here, take the time to laugh!

39, Halloween slogans: collective nerve, and nonsense, the whole street ghosts howl, Halloween greetings: scare the dead, happy person, baby, Halloween target: crazy day, casual day, laughing day, wish you enjoy Halloween joke, revel in happiness.

1, Halloween is coming, leaves on the trees are falling, the crowd in the street little, my blessing for you ready, Ghost kids are fed up, are you still alone, ready to join the party.

2, happy Halloween. Back to SMS is a good ghost, back bad Devils saved is a handsome devil, delete the ugly ghosts; as did not received is like a ghost, smiling is a selfish one, everyone is happy with the ghost.

3, happy Halloween: meet strange people, strange things, don't shout, don't shout, silent in the heart to read: "information-remember to turn, Lord Buddha bless me safe! "This evil is near you, remember remember!

4, Halloween is on the way, in this season of Devil dance, to your most effective talisman: one of my most sincere heart, has it on, ghosts will try to sing the song "the Moon represents my heart"!

5, Halloween is coming up, stressed the point that you can go to the dog who cried woof, but ghosts are also going to talk about taste, our philosophy is to make all the ghosts are happy to see you, including the man who is reading.

6, Halloween is coming up, send you a happy ghost, wish you happy every day give you a rich devil, may rich every day; give you a happy ghost, may you be happy every day; give you universal ghost, your everything.

7, Halloween is coming! I wish you were as charming as a devil; life magically wonderful; skills as much as a devil; career as a devil-like success, money matters such as magic shining like a star. Happy Halloween!

8, Halloween is coming, and received this message, drunk man money old ghost ghost ghosts home six monsters to bless you, God God God of Gods spirit six immortal rain God to bless you, safely to your family fortune

9, Halloween is the first time I heard, I wish you happy Halloween! happy holidays! Send you a bouquet of roses, flirts depend on it; give you a big peach, fortunes depend on it; to give you a bowl of curd, after eating, laughed.

10, Halloween, I give you the amulet, commonly known as (pig) Fu, remember, if you shout out my pig, all the demons will be feared, not give it a try!

11, Halloween, I invite you to eat dinner, dishes are specially for you, in tune with your character, there is a plate of a Wolf's mouth, a dog dish, a plate of pig and a donkey face, after you mix them, ensure the ghosts are scared!

12, Halloween is coming, right now if you're alone? Have not heard boom! Boom! Boom! Voice? Scared? Haha, you want to know more, that is the sound of your heart beating! Happy Halloween!

13, Halloween has come, what are you waiting for? What the? Dressing up, you're out, now age talk is King, for example, I spent a dime to talk to you, kid, comes back to the underworld.

14, Halloween is coming, wish you to work face long ghosts, reincarnation work encountered ghosts, eat encountered starved ghost, encountered drinking drunk devil, anyway there are a lot of ghosts around you. Boy, I wish you a happy Halloween!

15, Halloween kids scurrying, happy ghost to you smiles, her ghost to make your future flat, miser to let you big bucks, good luck ghosts to give your blessing in the sky! You this ghost, happy Halloween Ouch!

16, Halloween comes, report for ghosts; Halloween pirate witch way; Halloween extraterrestrial visitors dress up as demons; Halloween, happy Jack; Halloween wishes happy you are the one!

17, Halloween comes, gay section. Dressed in Monster garb, face in the mask. Head pumpkin hat, portable Lantern. Pumpkin party, and Ghost also romantic. I wish a happy Halloween!

19, Halloween comes to blessings sent earlier to, may you live good love is sweet, love is not as lustful demons; if friends and family are in trouble, don't be selfish; thrift, might as well be a cheapskate. Remember that Oh!

20, Halloween comes quickly lit pumpkins, happy to embrace; try the exotic costumes, changing role in a happy mood; even waving the magic wand, troubles are happy together. Happy Halloween.

21, Halloween is approaching, there's no need to panic, without hesitation, I have found two bodyguards for you private: happiness and happy ghost ghosts; they will disperse the nuisance for you hapless, and many other bad ghost, looking Halloween peace of mind for the holidays!

22, Halloween. 10,000 roses for you, will you love yourself, the fountain of youth and beauty, 10,000 Saints bless thee, always "happy ghost" giggly everything, will never be a "hapless" happy good luck.

26, not changing from their cases, have done their best, festive humor, bizarre, come dressed like characters and enjoy the holiday surprises. I wish a happy Halloween!

27, Halloween, you show signs of spells! Troubles have out-of-body, happy for you always smile, bad luck for your cantilever, hanged himself, feeling transported and you cuddle hug, happy to see you scream with excitement, even I have to report written to the Prince!

28, Halloween is coming, please close your Windows and doors, protect your heart, watch your lungs, vampires want to sleep with you, zombies to accompany you to walk, witch will take you to fly. Remember to lock the dark away! I wish a happy Halloween!

29, Halloween, the four ghost comes to your House, happy ghost I wish you more happiness, smart boy I wish you more and more intelligent, escape air-ghosts I wish you more lovely, and cheapskate, mind you, remember to always invite me to dinner, Oh, HA HA, wish you a Halloween.

30, is said to be Halloween, Ghost tours around, haunting yet! I have sent a most loyal demons to your bed in the middle. Whiteface, red eyes, dry and as touching your face, and send my greetings: Happy Halloween!

31, look at pumpkin lights, listening to the sound of prayer wishes, enjoy the pleasures of the night of Halloween, ghosts and demons away a dream lit you are a shining light in my heart, let the mind becomes warm, happy Halloween!

32, black night-black gloves, a black raincoat, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin, Halloween, Halloween Halloween music, I wish you peace on world, candy and so you get ready, under the happy Lotto, happy Halloween!

33, Halloween, the spirits of the Carnival, suddenly jumped out of a group of monkey meet you, spirits of panic to escape, it is because you are ugly, like their great SAGE-the Monkey King, HAHA, Halloween, wishing you a happy and your disciples have.

34, today's Halloween party, you are the star. Why? They do not say that you: no human shape, eat no black human shape, the longer the less human shape. You don't like a ghost who still like that! I wish a happy Halloween.