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About Anniversary!

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Remembrance of a special event on a particular day every year is called an anniversary. An event that took place on a certain date for the first time,that day would be celebrated every year as anniversary of that particular event. The word anniversary came from Latin word 'anniversarius' which was first used for Catholic Feasts. Birth, wedding and death anniversaries are celebrated most widely. Other than this people remember dates of their personal cherished moments,sometimes those of sad moments also.

Married people celebrate the date of thei marriage as wedding anniversary exchanging gifts and wishes,sometimes with pomp and grandeur,sometimes with simplicity and elegance in an exclusive way. The 25th year is the silver jubilee anniversary,the 50th year is the golden jubilee anniversary,the 60th year is the diamond jubilee anniversary and the 75th year is the platinum jubilee anniversary. All Anniversary animated video greeting cards can be send to friends facebook message inbox, or to whatsapp.

Marriage Anniversary SMS Text Messages

1, you are the most beautiful flowers in my heart, let the wind and rain never withered; I am your brow most beautiful clouds, despite the snow never melt. Hand this life is not enough, similar to life still.

2, love is opened the moment, that trace of a ray of thoughts; love is through the spring of the century, that the spread of the horizon horizon. Love is to know each other love, one day not see, want to see you. Marriage Anniversary SMS. Love is a text message, make you hang around!

3, a lifetime of waiting is not a simple and pale mountain vows, but countless days of the same boat together,

4, life gave me a problem, gave me so lovely you, how can I celebrate life also give you a problem, give you so loyal to me, how do you solve?

5, we choose to end the romantic, into the cumbersome life, our home is the fortress of love, how they say, still happy to live. Husband, wedding anniversary happy!

6, husband, husband, always work for the public. How many cups of wine in the hands of the same, but also to go home to put relaxed! Anyhow whatever happens, my wife would like you minutes!

8, love you, is a warm sad, is a romantic feeling, is a soft posture, but also a want to say but have to say love! Dear, wedding anniversary happy!

9, do not need to open an account fee, friendship does not pay roaming charges, love free monthly fee, the truth is more expensive, Our love year after year forever

11, wholeheartedly waiting for you, very happy with you, one hundred percent love you, thousands of miles away to see you, thousands of fire urgent to you, millions of people to find you, do not lose you, really miss you!

12, do not need too much, as long as you put aside everything, say I love you I wait too long and feel tired and tired. But I'm waiting for you Marriage Anniversary SMS.

13, my dear, today is a wedding anniversary, specially prepared love feast: first drink a cup of happy aperitif, in the taste of cool and tenderness, warm mix of true feelings, stir-fried love, brave change; Sweet words, and finally drunk passionate honey soup!

15, the end of the month before the beginning of the life of the oil and salt, love let us into the fortress of the situation, how they say, still happy, my wife, wedding anniversary happy!

16, because of you, my world will be so perfect, love you is my only reason to kiss you! Every night pillow your name to sleep!

17, my dear, I especially want you today, because today is our wedding anniversary, and you want to spend ten thousand wedding anniversary, because I really love you.

18, my dear, today is our wedding anniversary, think of you I feel very happy, together through the ups and downs in the head, your gentle let me moved, the next day I will love you more heart, Care about you, i love you forever!

19, blessing blessing blessing filled with numerous blessings, blessing blessing is blessing the blessing of the starting point, blessing blessing is an infinite blessing, blessing in addition to blessing is a beautiful blessing, there is nothing more precious than the gift of blessing!

20, love at first sight is your fate, but you are my hindrance. Can you play a fairy tale between me and me? I look forward to a beautiful ending.

21, make people tired is never far from the mountains, but a piece of sand in the shoes. Let me rejoice never get the world, but get your love. So passbook to me, my dear.

22, husband husband I love you, like the farmer kind of rice, carefully waiting for you, so you slowly become rice, love you want you to eat you, I began to grow rice.

24, wedding anniversary blessing language: I do not want to see you, but because I am afraid to destroy the share of the mystery between us !!

25, warm greetings, hope you can always think of me, I hope you can know, regardless of the ends of the earth I are deeply bless you.

26, I hope your eyes, just see a smile, I hope you shed every tear, are people moving, I hope you later every dream, no longer empty!

27, I think I really do not love you! You have begun to miss you at the moment you left, because you have let me set off a ripple of love! When everyone is indifferent to your eyes, do not forget, I care about you!

28, even if I am poor without a grain of rice, my world at least you; even if I am rich money when the paper, my universe or ultimately you; even if my phone is only a dime, the last message should be sent to You! Happy every day!

29, in this celebration of the day, although I have no flowers and wine tribute, but the hearts of songs, only wish you a happy life.

30, romantic fate is the arrangement of God, love myth is the eternal future. Many miracles are only believed to exist. You are the legend of my heart, love you no doubt.

31, my husband, today is our wedding anniversary, remember to give me a gift, you have owed me a few gifts.

32, my day is bright because of you, my heart is vast and great for you, my feelings are fulfilled by you, and my life is filled with you, and everything for me is warmer by your presence!

33, the most rare life has a sincere love, whether it is now or a distant future, we protect each other today's love. Surrounded by flowers seems to be you and I spend every morning and evening, that white rose is not your pure and refined face? Around you is my deep love, the future I will, as always!

34, no reason, just want you, there is no reason, that is, love you, no excuse, that is hurt you, no appointment, is the dream you, no choice, just want to see you, there is no way, had sent a message to tell you!

35, married for 30 years, never had a wedding anniversary. We have forgotten the specific year of marriage, just remember the spring, when the mountains and plains of the azure is very beautiful, and sometimes think of it would like to go back there to see. Now that had to marry the anniversary really is not used, after all, has not been this habit, although the time of love also spend the next month, but after marriage, especially the marriage time is long, the trivial life of the crowded romantic. See the movie, the novel in the wedding anniversary scene, in fact, we all very envious, but no time to enjoy the kind of surreal romance. If you have the opportunity to marry the anniversary, I hope that two people go to travel, or go back to where the marriage to see.

36, to sing your love song is my strength, tease you happy smile is my expertise,to accompany you in my side is my responsibility, put you in my heart is my wish, love you is so no advice!

37, an arrow of Cupid, let the heart connected; a line of old, let hands pull. May the arrows and the sea beaches keep the same, so that the sea is still rotten and we are willing to accompany our life.

38, see you do not want you, think you can not see! Please believe me, love you. Love is very happy, but I wish you a happy life!

40, thick friendship and blessings, endless thoughts and greetings, in this beautiful day, wish to bring you with the card.

41, filled with a car happy, so safe road, abandon all the troubles, so happy with you around, store all the warmth, the cold drive, release the truth of life, so happy forever smile to you!

43, life for you to change, life changes because of you, emotions because of your change, the same is that I love you.

44, you are the most shiny note in my life, my life is wonderful for you! May the good music spectrum full of our future every morning and evening.

45, there are too many things waiting for us to do, there are too many words to say to you, I want to make a warm nest for you, through the ups and downs, life without regret ??