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Birthday wish to your dear and near ones is very important. But forgetting to wish him or her birthday on the exact day is very ungrateful, thus belated birthday wish e-card is ready to cheer up your special ones thereafter. A heartily ‘sorry’ for the day you could not came up at the right time but still remembering, celebration, enjoyment and love to the most important day of your loved ones birthday, shows how much you care for him/her, creating an inner joy to the birthday boy or girl developing the special place within their heart and mind for you. It’s kind of affection which reflects through these e-cards, that how much you care about the birthday person above all.‘Birthday belated wishes’ are but the simple gesture that makes an individual feel special and wanted. Birthday is the only day that a person can claim to be his/her day. Naturally on this particular occasion of one’s Birthday any one wants to be remembered by his/her dear ones and friends. Birthday wish to your dear and near ones is very important. But forgetting to wish him or her birthday on the exact day is very sad a thing. No doubt, in this busy world when the schedule is very hectic, to forget a loved one’s Birthday is understandable. And that it is not deliberate is proved when the person realizes and feels sorry for the mistake. Just for that situation ‘belated Birthday’ e-cards, Greeting cards are all ready to make it up and to cheer up your special ones thereafter. A heartily ‘sorry’ for the day one could not come up at the right time or send in a wish for the dear one, yet remembering celebration, enjoyment and love to the most important day of the loved one’s birthday, shows how much one cares for him/her, creating an inner joy to the birthday boy or girl developing the special place within their heart and mind. It’s the kind of affection which reflects through these e-cards, that how much one cares about the birthday person above all.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Text Messages, Funny SMS

I'm ashamed, I habs built,
Your birthday I totally messed up.
How could I forget that this day was?
That happens to me in life only once!
Forgive me and please accept them,
The birthday greetings I wear to you!

With horror I leaf in my calendars,
It happened, I can not change anymore!
I missed your birthday,
I belong to the prison!
So that you are not so bad,
I'll write for you here the biggest crap!
I'm not a god, the talent is missing,
But it comes from the heart and I hope it comes with you.

You've celebrated and I've forgotten,
Have sat down on my sofa.
The stomach feeling had reminded me,
But from your day of honor I did not know anything.
However, I wish you luck and the best of everything,
I am sure you will be at your next party!

All the best, I wish you,
On your birthday, I was not here.
I wanted to call you, but did not manage,
Now I'm afraid, must be in detention!
Can you forgive me and still like me?
You're my sweetest birthday star!

A few days is your birthday already,
I missed it, I regret it very much.
I hope you're not very angry,
I am sometimes a forgetful peasant!
Next time this will not happen,
That I can guarantee you here and now.

Even though I am late this year,
I wish you good luck, that is clear!
When your day of honor was I had a lot to do,
Now he's over and here I stand now.
Plead guilty my child, for I am sorry,
Next year I have guaranteed time!

Not misplaced, no dirty room,
What I obscured that is much worse!
I missed an important day,
It weighs very hard, the debt burden.
Please forgive me, I wish you all the best,
It never happens again, you are my best piece.

My stomach ached, the head of the pain,
When you were a boy.
I missed it, how could that happen?
How could I be so wrong in the day?
Now I stand here, I wish you luck now,
My bad conscience I must overpain!

With lots of hip and much hurray,
Was your birthday.
Who missed it? That's obvious,
That was me, there is no hurray!
But I send you my thoughts and an apology,
I hope you will forgive me!

Birthday was,
I knew that,
Just forget it!
What was going on?
I'm sending you
The map here,
My congratulations
And good sense!
Forgive me!
I wish you
The best year,
That ever was!

My memory is a screen;
Nevertheless, I love you.
And so I wish you late
Still the best thing!

Unfortunately, I was not in the country.
Would love to be there.
For this you are now on the edge
My best wishes to read.

You think I forgot you -
Rightly, could this ever happen?
And I must also admit default -
Friendship can be measured differently!

When was your wedding day?
It has just been forgotten!
But I wish all the luck
The best friend of all!

I hardly dare write to you,
Congratulate with delay!
That we remain friends,
I hope and lift the pitcher!

I come late to congratulate
And I thought about you!
In order not to lose any more time,
Let a serenade be presented to thee!

Like an arrow fast
Shoots ahead the time,
Your birthday is
Already past today!
I was here today,
I'll be there tomorrow!
But my heart is with you,
And it was never gone.

Do not close the door,
Only today I want to see you!
Between work and travel,
Between cooking and dining
Time did not stay.
But now I'll have to
For the birthday kiss you!
Therefore, open me!

Greetings at the right time,
Always correct,
Prussian punctuality
Give us respect!
But what comes from the heart,
Sometimes need leisure.
So I do not come so promptly
With kind regards!

Burn on your cake now
For a while the candles,
And if my congratulations come,
So he comes from the heart!

The date of your weighing
I do not know how much more.
And before you ask,
I did not find that particularly smart.
I did not want to congratulate too early,
Since this is known to bring misfortune.
Now I am probably too late,
But I wish you all the best!

Good intentions, badly planned.
Consequences: unimagined!
Congratulations: much too late!
That does not go on like this!

The most important thing is often forgotten
First of all, unfortunately true!
So I wish you now still fast
A good new year!

A desire of the heart:
Although I am so brazen
He forgot the feast day,
That you are gracious to me!

We remember the abstract data
We are heavier than the people.
As I forgot all about yesterday,
So I congratulate today!

I have not forgotten your birthday,
I thought it was too late.

Now it's happening, even I'm fallible,
Missed your birthday
My wishes for your new year
Love, loyalty, success, dreams and rest.

Also a good appointment calendar is of no use,
If he is not heeded.
My dearest congratulations on my birthday!

To be forgotten on the birthday is shameful.
But the time until this day of honor was so endless
Far in the distance.
Now I say it to you later -
I love you heartily.

I forgot your birthday,
Where did I just sit around?
I wish you now love, wine,
Happiness and sunshine.

According to the motto 'insolence wins'
I tell you today,
We wanted to give you time,
To get used to the older age!
Congratulations to you all our pack.

My birthday wishes come later,
But only so that you can celebrate longer.
Honest love, happiness and fulfilled dreams
I wish you and trees that grow in the sky.

My pain is great, how could it happen,
That I forgot your birthday.
I want to love you and never lose,
And give you a year full of love and fun.

My congratulations for your birthday come late,
But who, like you, sows love from the heart throughout the year,
Is never forgotten - and good wishes never come too late.

Not only have you grown older,
It's the same with me
Or how is it to explain,
That I forgot your birthday?
Stay young, curious and always good.

Punctuality is my dark property,
Which always creates discussions.
But forget your birthday,
That has tormented me
I swear to you, my love you always possessed
And nothing else matters.

A forgotten birthday is not an honor.
That is why I give you a special day.
You are my guest - show me the honor -
Customize it No minimum orders • No setup fees • Ships tomorrow *!

We have missed your birthday with diligence,
To spare you the memory of the aging.
The friend-friend now calls in chorus,
You always stay young, that is not dreamed,
This is sometimes the case with particularly loving people.

Tonight I woke up,
Was full of fear,
What has happened, what fear am I possessed,
Then it occurred to me,
I forgot your birthday
Forgive me, if I say only now,
I wish you happiness, health and a glass of red wine.

Subsequent birthday greetings
I will send to you today.
The words shall sweeten the day,
When I tell you I'm with you.

I probably dreamed too much
And your birthday missed.
When you break out all your birthday candles,
I was not there - and I regret it!
I wish you the best!
All love for your honor.

I forgot your birthday,
The right moment.
For this I invite you now to eat,
Today you are my dearest!
All the best for your next year!
Much love, success, joy and health!
I hope all your wishes will come true!
A prosit for you and the coming time!

I slept for your birthday.
You know I like you from the heart.
So I congratulate you
Simply retrospectively now and here!

Secretly, quietly and quietly
Put your birthday past me this time.
I congratulate you Today we celebrate two!

Uh-oh! Uh-oh! How time sometimes runs!
I missed your birthday!
I wish you all the best
All the best! Believe me!

"Oh no! It was yesterday, "I remembered today.
I hope you will not be angry with me,
Because I do not want to lose you,
But congratulate!

That I forgot your birthday,
I regret over all measure!
Also on the other 364 days
I can tell you with a clear conscience and heart:
My best wishes apply to you!
You are always welcome with me -
Whether for celebration or rest.
With you I like to do everything,
I want to talk to you, laugh and joke.
I congratulate you with all my heart!

My heartiest congratulations!
I'm too late - I'm unspeakable
suffering. Please, please forgive me!
My best wishes apply to you!

Yes, very strictly
I came too late.
My congratulations are no less worth,
Because he comes from the heart and honors you.
All the best and for your future only the best!
I congratulate you on your birthday party!

It is too late
And I'm pretty hurt,
That I forgot your birthday yesterday.
This was not meant to be evil, nor fun.
I hope you will forgive me
And accept my congratulations.

The last piece of cake is already eaten.
I forgot your birthday.
It is a great disgrace.
Please look.
Even though already from are all the candles,
My congratulations come from the heart!

Unfortunately retrospectively,
At so late an hour,
I'll celebrate you,
Give the next round!
Happy Birthday! Only the best
To your birthday party!

The candles were extinguished,
Then the dime only fell with me.
Afterwards, good luck, joy and health
And that your life keeps only good things ready!

It's the wrong time.
I am terribly sorry.
Believe me, I'm ashamed.
Wishing you all the best!
My favorite wishes apply to you!
This birthday greeting comes from me.

Your birthday is already over,
But he is not one to me!
I just had too much stress,
In which I forget so much.
Please forgive me this shame
And do not drive me from the land.
Because I want to celebrate with you,
Now immediately and best here!