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About Birthday

Birthday is the ‘birth’ anniversary of an individual, i.e. the particular day on which a person is born. Every year this day of the individual is celebrated by their near and dear ones. This custom of celebrating one’s birthday by their near and dear ones is observed at all places, by all kinds of people, irrespective of cast, religion, creed and culture. People often visit their respective places of worship and devote their prayers to God to get blessed on their birthday. Dear ones also visit their places of worship to pray for the loved ones on his/her birthday. The most common tradition of celebrating ones Day is cutting the  cake, all over decorated with lighted candles. The cake which itself remains decorated with colorful creams, and the name of the person written with the cream on it is brought. Candles are lit to decorate the cake. The number of candles lit generally signifies the number of years passed in the life of the Birthday boy/girl. The custom follows with the blowing of the candle and cutting of the cake by the individual, while the near and dear ones surrounds the person and wishes him/her by singing the wish song. While blowing the candle, the custom is of ‘making a wish’ by the boy/girl. The fun custom also includes the candles to be extinguished with only one blow, which becomes difficult with the increasing numbers of the candle with the passing years and that is what adds on to the fun factor. Good feast, music, dance also becomes a medium of celebrating this day of the person. Generally the venue of birthday parties is decorated with balloons, streamers and festoons. Parties are a highly pleasurable or exciting experience with lots of guests and tasty foods to treat the guests. The loved ones of the individual greet him/her by saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and gifts are given to them. The elders shower blessings for a happy, prosperous life of their beloved person.