Birthday Wishes
birthday Wrapped
Fun wishes
Wrapped in Happ...
day meant birthday
Your Day
A day meant for...
Delight and cheers...
Delight and che...
Click at Your Own Risk! A funny ecard sure to make your loved one giggle.
Click at Your O...
Pic of A Handsome Guy!  A fun ecard sure to make your loved one smile.
Birthday Suit
Pic of A Handso...
Birthday Love
Romantic Birthday.
A promising bir...
heart-felt birthday wish.
Magical moment
For my love.
Special day.
Special day.
Missing you a lot!
Missing you a lot!
Coz it`s your birthday.
Happy Birthda...
Coz it`s your b...
Am so sorry
Am so sorry
Please don`t be so furious!
Late wishes
Please don`t be...
Missed Your B`day! A fun ecard to make your loved one smile.
Wrong Agency
Missed Your B`day!
Missed Your Birthday... A funny ecard sure to put a smile on your dear one`s face.
Missed Your Bir...
Heart Remembers... A sweet e-wish to make your loved one smile.
Heart Remembers...
Birthday Friend
Colorful Birt...
Just for you
Friends forever
Us forever./F...
Remaining Us./R...
party want
A special wish
For you My friend
Friends Birthday
Party please!
On your Birthday
Wishes on Birthday friends
Friend's Birt...
Wishes on your ...
Joy and laughter
1st birthday
Joy and laughter
Candy and goodies
2nd birthday
Candy and goodies
5th birthday gift
5th birthday
5th birthday gift
Happiness and joy on 10th birthday
Sweet birthday
Happiness and j...
25th birthday wish
Birthday goodies
25th birthday wish
Birthday Dad
birthday daddy
Coolest Dad
On your Birthday
Love and guidance
Love and guid...
Happy B`day Dad
Happy Birthday ...
Your strong presence
My shelter
Your strong pre...
The better man
Special wish
The better man
Birthday Mom
A lovely birthday e-wish for your dear mother.
Happy B`Day Mum!
You`re so special.
Love for Mom
You`re so special.
The best mom
Best Mom
The best mom
A wonderful mom
Sweet mom
A wonderful mom
Your presence...
Love you Mom
Your presence...
Birthday Son
An angel from the sky
For you Son
An angel from t...
Birthday Son
Birthday Son
Birthday Son
You make us proud
You make us proud
Son like you.
Son like you.
Blessed Birthday
Blessed Birthday
Dearest Son...
Birthday Granddad
For the heart-felt grandpa
Happy Birthday ...
For the best grandpa
Flowers for you
For the best gr...
The colors of life
Lots of colors
The colors of life
You are special in every way.
Dear Grandpa
You are special...
Important part of my life.
Important part ...
Birthday Grandmom
The coolest grandma
U r cool
The coolest gra...
A cool wish
A cool wish
A biiiig wish for your granny
For you Granny
A biiiig wish f...
World Best Grandma  A heartfelt message for your grandma on her birthday
Best Grandma
World Best Gran...
So much to have a grandma as you.
For you grandmom
So much to have...
Birthday Sister
No doubt.
You make me proud.
The sister
My favorite girl
The Girl
The Special You
The Girl I Know
The sharing and the caring
My sis
The sharing and...
You help me always
Thanks sister
You help me always
Birthday Brother
Birthday long way
Long way to go.
Happy Birthday teaser
My Baby Bro
My 'Bro' now a ...
Happy Birthday Brother
Lucky me
Happy Birthday conveying
My oldest posse...
Birthday Brother love
Birthday Brother
Happy Birthday Bro
Birthday Aunt
Special Birthday
Special Birthday
Loving Aunt
Special Aunt Wish your special aunt a Happy Birthday with this ecard.
Special Aunt
Motherly Aunt Send this birthday ecard for the aunt who`s always there!
Motherly Aunt
For a wonderful aunt...
Best Aunt
For a wonderful...
A wonderful lady... Send this beautiful birthday card to your aunt and wish her
For Aunt...
Birthday Aunty ...
Birthday Uncle
A dear uncle...Wish your dear uncle a very happy birthday with this beautiful ecard
You care
A dear uncle...
Carried by the wind... Send this wish to your uncle on his birthday and let the wind wish him
Soft breeze
Carried by the ...
To wish a priceless happy birthday Wish your uncle with this beautiful ecard.
Birthday Uncle
To wish a price...
A dear uncle...Wish your dear uncle a very happy birthday with this beautiful ecard
Part of Our Fam...
Loving Uncle
Loving Uncle
Dear uncle...
Birthday Daughter
Labor of Love Send this moving birthday ecard to your daughter.
Labor of Love
Happy Birthday Sweetie! Send your daughter this great birthday ecard.
Happy Birthday ...
For a Beautiful Daughter Send this great birthday ecard to your daughter.
For a Beautiful...
Bundle of Joy Send your daughter this joyful birthday ecard.
Bundle of Joy
Warm Birthday
Warm Birthday
Loving Daughter...


About Birthday

Birthday is the ‘birth’ anniversary of an individual, i.e. the particular day on which a person is born. Every year this day of the individual is celebrated by their near and dear ones. This custom of celebrating one’s birthday by their near and dear ones is observed at all places, by all kinds of people, irrespective of cast, religion, creed and culture. People often visit their respective places of worship and devote their prayers to God to get blessed on their birthday. Dear ones also visit their places of worship to pray for the loved ones on his/her birthday. The most common tradition of celebrating ones Birthday is cutting the Birthday cake, all over decorated with lighted candles. The cake which itself remains decorated with colorful creams, and the name of the Birthday person written with the cream on it is brought. Candles are lit to decorate the cake. The number of candles lit generally signifies the number of years passed in the life of the Birthday boy/girl. The custom follows with the blowing of the candle and cutting of the cake by the individual, while the near and dear ones surrounds the person and wishes him/her by singing the Birthday wish song. While blowing the candle, the custom is of ‘making a wish’ by the birthday boy/girl. The fun custom also includes the candles to be extinguished with only one blow, which becomes difficult with the increasing numbers of the candle with the passing years and that is what adds on to the fun factor. Good feast, music, dance also becomes a medium of celebrating this day of the Birthday person. Generally the venue of birthday parties is decorated with balloons, streamers and festoons. Birthday parties are a highly pleasurable or exciting experience with lots of guests and tasty foods to treat the guests. The loved ones of the individual greet him/her by saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and gifts are given to them. The elders shower blessings for a happy, prosperous life of their beloved Birthday person.send your ecards to facebook.

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