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Birthday Father !

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In your father’s birthday make him realize his young heart pumping and his pulses racing like a child. Make him surprise by sending him a heart melting, loving, caring birthday wishing e-card. It is the day to make him understand that he is the one and only one who need to be cherished and to enjoy the day to the fullest. To the all loving fathers, on the special occasion, e-cards are there to make them feel proud and happy. Thus you all need to do is just wish him birthday, through e-cards, and create a joyful happiest day. It’s a perfect birthday present, creating his most memorable day throughout his entire life.

1, my blessing quietly take my love for you, I wish you this birthday too happy and wishful, when the day past, you gently lie down to enjoy peace, willing to be filled with your quiet golden dream.

2, a child, you hold my little hand in the sunset under the sea walk, the sun is the wind under the soft, so soft, clear, deep. Today, far away in the horizon I still remember that sunset, that sea breeze, ask them to bring me a deep blessing for you.

3, my pulse flowing with your blood; my character branded your deep imprint; my thoughts inherit your endless wisdom ... my wallet, can you more than a few of your money? Dad, birthday happy!

4, I want to loudly announce to all: Dad, I love you!

5, 50-year-old man is a river of vast waves, with the elderly boating in the river, with the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life, chewing the meaning of life; can walk with their peers, accompanied by colorful Of the stone, thinking about the true meaning of life songs.

6, dedicated to you infinite gratitude and warm wishes, and that many memories and deep thoughts because you are kind, unspeakable, I wish you Happy Father's Day!

8, the heart of the blessing is for your birthday, but love all year long with you!

10, my dear father, especially in the special days of happy!

22, in this happy day, I sincerely wish you youthful survival, is willing to be a quiet and joy, quietly bring you, happy birthday!

25, would you like today's memories of warmth, may you dream of today in the heart, I wish you happy this year, I wish you a beautiful birthday!

29, dad, I love you, not only in today!

39, my father, offer my thanks, for so many years you to me, to pay patience and love.

40, I wish you had enough flavor, strong enough birthday, my father!

54, dad, i love you, not only in today! May my dear father be especially happy on a special day!

57, dad, I miss you, not only today, today is your birthday, although I am in the field, but my heart has
been flying back to your side