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Birthday Love !

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The happiest day to one’s life is the day when he or she is born. The day of celebration, contains the notions of happiest moments with gifts, presents and wishes. The day becomes extremely important when it’s come to your beloved birthday (it can be to your friend, love ones or someone special). Love is what it needs to be reestablishing of all. A heart melting wish for that special person is very important. A perfect wish through love birthday e-card is what a birthday girl or a birthday boy needs to cheer up his/ her moods. It’s a perfect birthday present, creating the day most memorable throughout his or her entire life.‘Birthday wishes to love’ are but the simple gesture that makes an individual feel special and wanted. Birthday is the only day that a person can claim to be his/her day. Naturally on this particular occasion of one’s Birthday any one wants to be remembered by his/her dear ones and friends. But when ‘love’ is in the air, the Birthday person undoubtedly looks forward to be wish in a special way, from the ‘love’ of his/her life. A wish, which would be different from all the other wishes. And that would definitely make him/her feel different. Its not just the person who is being wished feels extraordinary when a special wish comes from that ‘special’ person of his/her life, it is also the one who is wishing feels the difference. The Birthday wish e-cards for the loved one portrays and helps in conveying that special message that the lover wants to give to the special one. Often people remain long distance away from their dear person, ofcourse they miss them, but on this special day as if it seems to be a punishment to remain away from their dear one…both for the person whose Birthday it is as well as the one who is not being able to be their with his or her loved one on the one’s special day. Especially when one is in love with the other. Often it is not possible to send gifts from so far away, e-cards of Birthday wishes comes as a blessing to them.

Happy Birthday Text Messages, Sms for Love, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend.


1, his wife must be a big birthday to do a special job , or his wife, but to be angry, but sent a wife birthday blessing is also very good.

2, I wish my wife happy birthday, time flies, but my love for you is more mellow. In this special day, I want to tell you that your love makes my life complete!

3, love is magical, it makes the mathematical law lost balance, the whole person to share the pain, only half of the pain, and two people to share a happy, but has two happiness.

4, promised to buy you a bouquet of the most beautiful roses, placed in your warm arms, so that all the romantic flowers in full bloom, open into a curved, it is your rainbow, you like her colorful, I like Her
beautiful. Wish my wife happy birthday.

5, you say I rarely write to you, even the only time, but also talk about life philosophy. And no romance, there is no vows, but no romantic. You complain that I do not understand romance, in fact, look out of your full of joy. You say that as long as I have this heart, you are very happy. Life with your companionship, is my greatest happiness, always love you, care for you! Happy birthday wife.

6, promised to buy you a bouquet of the most beautiful roses, put your warm arms, so that all the romantic flowers bloom, open into a curved, it is your rainbow, you like her colorful, I like Her beautiful.

7, from your birth, God is doomed to belong to me, although this special day can not be with you, but we will celebrate your 60 birthday ah, happy birthday ah.

8, hope that your heart deep grass green grass, youth resident, smiling openly. Wish you a happy birthday, happy health!

9, you gave the confidence and courage, but also you bring me a new world. Have you, I am all happy, all happy! I love you, this life unswervingly.

10, happy birthday wish my blessing lingering you, in your colorful journey of life, in your flying rainbow sky. I wish you a happy birthday! Good mood every day! Always beautiful!

11, suddenly found that we are in the time of the meter, that sour into the memory of the flowers, when the bitter agglomeration into the past rock, we understand that the so-called love is only to provide an opportunity - to stranger each other Become the closest person. Happy birthday to you.

12, the most intimate person, that is, relatives. And you have become a lover. Passion burning time, I call your wife, passion to retreat the day, I still call your wife! May our love be more profound! I wish you a happy birthday, my good wife!

13, promise you to buy a beautiful ring for you, put your left middle finger, so that all the passion are gathered here, together into a circle, it is your heart, you watch a lifetime, I take care of life.

14, let the river of thoughts spewing, full of blank paper, but can smell the fragrance of love, flow to your heart, at the moment, so you do not complain, let you become a fish in the river, the river is me,
freedom is you.

16, promised to buy a box for you the most delicious cake, on the round table, for you point twenty candles, so that all the love burning, burning into a heart-shaped, you promise your wish, I was Gently kiss you, kiss you, tell you: happy birthday, wife, I love you.

17, there is a word has not dare to say to you, but when you do not say no chance when you birthday: you really hate; pleasing, never tired

18, time will never change my deep love for you, the passage of time will only make our feelings more profound, love is more happy forever, I wish you a happy birthday, my love!

19, I have always had this heart, but today they feel the difficulty of writing. Perhaps love to the depths of the silent, not to mention I was a person who is reluctant to express. Only send a text message to wish you a happy birthday ah.

20, for those who love to write the text, love a person should put her in their own words. Moreover, you are my favorite, I am your all.

23, in this is your most brilliant day, I sincerely sent the oldest but the most fresh baked blessing: happy birthday! Handsome handsome!

24, husband, you are the happiest man in the world! There is a love of your wife guarding your commitment to life, every year today with you through! Dear, happy birthday! The

26, with my sincere, full of love, I wish you a happy birthday, you make my life has a meaning, I can not express your words with words, want to spend your life with you every day. Husband, i love you forever!

27, my wife today, your birthday, what gift you want straight to say, say, say it; SMS read, the time has passed.

29, if there is no wind, the cloud will lose half of its graceful grace: no green, the world will be lost that will be full of vitality; if I do not you, my world will be no color!

30, this birthday blessing to express how deep my love for you, in my calendar, you are the same young and
charming, and this particular year seems to make you more beautiful, handsome.

37, the trumpet of the heroic shepherd's passionate mandolin of the sweet building into the base of your birthday palace, may your birthday in this wonderful music and brilliant candle spent.

40, a good woman simple, good friendship clear cool, good fate for a long time long. I wish you beautiful pressure Qunfang, good pass Quartet, gentle force without block, youth a hundred years!

41, 365 days a year, is waiting, is hope that you come to the world added a bit of color, is willing to next 365 days, smile is still brilliant.

42, are you hungry? I'm bread! Are you cold? I'm yurts! Are you angry? I'm sandbags! happy Birthday!

43, please give the phone to your love to see: the sun and the moon to add your mature and charming, may our
blessing is your source of happiness ...

45, I never doubt the value of your survival, my life for you and become beautiful, no matter what the world will become, hope that every year you are happy today!

47, the night was sleepless sleep to understand what is "miss"; wake up only to find a "edge" is "eternal" engraved in the heart; each break frequently back to the eyes, only to see the infinite "attachment" Love
you never stop! Husband, happy birthday!

48, thank God let me meet you, know? Meet you is my greatest happiness, meet you is my forever happy, may you live my heart, I wish you every day from you to receive sun and rain, to receive strong and courageous,
I love you! Husband, happy birthday!

49, in this happy world, there is a happy me, the use of happy time, to send you a happy message. Very happy to tell you, a more happy thing, I love you "radiant", like "gray wolf love red wolf"! Husband, happy

50, I am staring at the distance of the world, but forget that one day will meet you, I feel the temperature of the world, but forget that there will be a little embrace you, I spent the world time, but forget You are
not around every day. Husband, happy birthday!

51, thinking of your face, I can not sleep at night, thinking of our bit by bit, I messed up myself! Although the thoughts are slow injury, but I will keep the damage in the bottom of my heart, the smile left to you! Husband, happy birthday!

52, from the day we love, from now on every day today unforgettable days. Here, my hands together to pray for you: May God bless your life safe, healthy, happy! Bless you - my lover.

53, when the dedication to become a need, love, is that does not matter things, in your birthday, accept my deep blessing, her husband happy birthday!

54, today is your birthday, when you open the phone the first moment, I give you today's first blessing, all the happiness are willing to accompany you.

55, the special love, to the special you, I wish my wish like the sun around the tangled you, congratulations on the well-being and joy forever with you, happy birthday!